Sunday, March 1, 2009

Biden declares “30% chance we will get it wrong”

Once again the bar gets lowered!

First, before I get into the comment above that should send a “cold shiver” down every American’s spine we should look at the totality of the incompetence of the Obama Administration in the first 3 weeks of governing (though keeping track at this point is getting more and more difficult due to the sheer numbers).

The way that Obama handled the Zinni appointment as the Ambassador to Iraq is most telling. Obama had personally telephoned Zinni to congratulate him on his selection only to have Zinni realize days later that he was in fact passed over.

This is exactly the same treatment that America in general will receive when it comes to the lofty promises Obama has made to us. We (America) all got the call before the November elections and are now witnessing another scenario manifest before our eyes because the second call (promises made) has not materialized.

Here are some others:

Tom Daschle (Tax evasion) HHS nomination

Bill Richardson (impending pay for play indictment) Commerce Secretary Nomination

Timothy Geithner (Tax evasion) Treasury Secretary Nomination

Mark Patterson (Lobbyist for Goldman Sachs) nominated as Tim Geithner “Chief of Staff” at the Treasury Dept. despite Obama pledge to restrict lobbyist in his cabinet and the fact that Goldman Sachs was an early and large recipient of TARP funds

Eric Holder Attorney General of the US (assisted Clinton stealth pardons of Marc Rich, Weathermen Underground members serving time for deadly armored car heist and 16 members of terror cell FALN)

William J. Lynn III (Raytheon Defense Lobbyist) Deputy Defense Secretary

Norman Panetta CIA Chief (Intelligence outsider and according to the LA Times “Barack Obama appears to have concluded that a spy chief who understands politics may be better equipped to carry out the incoming administration's national security agenda than one who understands espionage”)

Hillary Clinton Secretary of State appointment (conflict of interest controversies regarding countries that do business with the Clintons) can also be viewed as giving her the “foreign experience credentials needed for a future Presidential run”

Rolland Burris (Appointment by Blagoyevich to Senate) had Obama endorsing Senate Leaders blocking the appointment only to concede the appointment after racial discriminatory overtones to the affair.

With Obama’s approval rating plunging after just 3 weeks it appears his “rock star” status and euphoric persona is being shattered by the reality that “he is a mere mortal”.

There is one subject area that Obama promised and is keeping – recognizing Iranian status and holding “unconditional talks”. Unfortunately, the Iranians have turned this around and are themselves making demands to us before THEY engage us. Things like having America reverse policy and apologize for over 40 years of slights to them and withdrawing all troops from Iraq.

Obama has been actively negotiating with the terror sponsor States weeks before the elections. His first official act as President was to sign the executive order calling for the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention center and was immediately viewed as a weakening of our resolve in the islamofacist ranks. Second, the term “war on terror” has been banned as a vernacular in all Governmental institutions. Third, the US Government has dropped all charges against the mastermind of the USS Cole attack. Can you say capitulation?

Now, getting back to the comment by Biden that chances are, with all of the decision to be made, we will likely see a 30% error in them - 30% or 3 in 10 decisions made incorrectly! I am going to list 10 decisions that are to be made in the coming months and let you decide which ones are acceptable to get wrong:

Reducing our military defense budget.
Repatriating Guantanamo detainees either in their countries of origin or US soil.
Appeasement of a nuclear armed Iran.
Examine the “actual” evidence of potential threats before acting.
Nationalizing the US Banking industry.
Utilizing Military force as a “last resort”.
Eliminating US nuclear arsenal.
Eliminating forms of torture to non coercive tactics to gain potential intelligence on impending threats.
Set a definitive timeline for withdrawal of military forces in Iraq.
Handle terror strikes as a matter of law enforcement vs. military action.

The list above is just a microcosm of potential devastating results if they are handled incorrectly, so you choose.

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