Sunday, March 22, 2009

Raising the ghosts of the past to serve the present

On September 17, 1787 the US Constitution was born after being ratified by 48 men.

On January 9, 2009 the US Constitution is again being called upon to serve this great nation when John Shadegg (R) - AZ sponsored legislation (HR 450) with 15 Republican co-sponsors (John Boozman, Brian Bilbray, Doug Lamborn, Connie Mack, Paul Broun, Peter Hoekstra, Michele Bachmann, Dean Heller, E. Garrett, David Roe, Ronald Paul, Louie Gohmert, K. Michael Conaway, Rob Bishop and Robert Goodlatte).

These great men and women whom we have elected to be our representatives harbor "constitutional spirit" when doing their job as did the 48 that help create and ratify this American treasure we call the US Constitution.

HR 450 simply provides "To require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes."

This bill should not even been required today except for the fact that most of our elected leaders draft and enact laws without giving the Constitution a single thought. This phenomena was recently proven when the House (without a single Republican voting "aye") and Senate passed the "stimulus plan" without even reading it before voting.

In the time span since the legislation was rammed down our throat surpassing all land speed records in the process, there have been issues raised calling on constitutionality fronts. To make matters worse, when the Democrats were spotlighted for slipping the language that assured that "AIG executives" received $165 in bonuses, they quickly passed another piece of legislation that targeted a narrow group of individuals with the exorbitant taxation to recoup this money. The arrogance of the Democratic law-makers to do as they please without any legal constitutional consideration is in direct contradiction to the "oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution".

Every American should be writing to his or her elected representative to assure that this bill gets out of committee and on to the floor for an up or down vote. Let us see who supports the Constitution or those who will use it as mere toilet paper.

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