Friday, March 20, 2009

Upside down - Obama logic "jump over a quarter to save a dime"

So the Obama administration is angry over the proposed executive bonuses that are reported in the works at AIG. The bonuses totalling $165 million dollars is making the White House and the Treasury Secretary hopping mad. They are calling the company reckless and adverse to our fundamental values as examples of bad business with the "80% taxpayer bail out" company. Our feckless leaders are crying over $165MM but what about the outcry for the $165 billion dollars the government stole from the taxpayers to fund a company that should have been allowed to fail.

What is even more alarming is that $80 billion of the $165 billion was used by AIG to bail out foreign banks! The taxpayers should be hopping mad. The Treasury Secretary; White House and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve had refused to divulge that nugget of info (in spite of the fact that the legislation awarding the money called for full and transparent disclosure - immediately and in regular reporting increments).

So blame the executives for $165 million but not the overseers that hoodwinked us for quite alot more. Can you say tea party!

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