Sunday, March 1, 2009

Islamic Radicals and Nazi's

A side thought on the Mumbai attacks.

The scope of the horror that unfolded in Mumbai by a handful of radical islamic terrorists, 10 to be exact was chilling and sad on many fronts.

The first is the loss of innocent life at the hands of evil. Second is that the 10 inhuman terrorists were able to prolong this horror because of the failure of the Indian Police to have had a comprehensive anti-terror unit or even have its courts or constitution strengthened to fight against it.

India has had a long and bloody history of islamic terror with its dispute over Kashmir. The country has a large section of the populace that is Muslim. The largest section of the populace is Hindu and there is even a fairly large Christian population (700,000) that live and co-exist within the city. In this horrible and senseless attack at the hands of only 10 they (terrorists) were spread over many targets that included the luxury hotels, cafe, train station and the mostly underreported target of all, the Chabad house.

The Chabad house is the only Synagogue in the city that is the place of worship for Jews in a city that highly outnumbers them. There is limited speculation as to why the Jews were targeted, but we are all well aware that Islamist hate Jews.

Radical Islamic states like Iran, Syria and elsewhere have portraited the Jewish state as their main rally cry because of the oppression of Palestinians at the hands of the JEWS. This is why the Western Press eats this up, they are sympathic to the Islamic cause and spin this terror as just and moral equivilent to the oppression. This is why the Chabad house killings received little or no press coverage.

More over at the same time that the attacks were being carried out in the name of Islam, the UN was busy passing numerous anti-Isreal declarations and comdenations against Isreal that that body has done for many years now.

The anti-zionism at the UN is and always has been - rampant.I read an intesting article that compares WWII Nazi Germany and their obsession with the eradication of every single Jew that they could find in every single country that they took by force. The German Government had expended a vast amount of war materials and personnel and money to carry out this "side program" during actual battlefield clashes across Europe. Why would Germany, who had the world in their faces on the battlefield divert such an enormous amount of their resources for killing Jews? It made no logical sense because in the end, Germany lost the war. If they had utilized the resource that were used against the jews - every soldier, tank, railway, gasoline or anything else that could be labelled as war materials then could they have suceeded in pushing back the allies? It was the absolute hatred of the Jews, the absolute obsession with their eradication that made no sense in such a large expenditure of resources even to the end.This brings us to the 10 terrorists.

Out of the 10 terrorist in that extremely large city - an extreme amount of their resources went into killing Jews in the only place of worship in the entire city. Though the terrorist that attacked the Chabad house was only 2, it was roughly 25% of the total resources utilized to carry out the attack. It is obvious that the aim of the attacks on Mumbai was to hit India's "wall street" like the Islamics did to Manhattan. This was to weaken the country finances and resolve to further skirmishs with Kashmir. But in the fanancial scheme of things the Jewish Chabad house was nothing in that financial equation. No it was attacked out of pure hatred and the need to exterminate that race of people they hate. Just as Nazi Germany expended so much to their conquest of hate, so too are the Islamists.

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  1. Very observant - as you noted, I was unaware of the side story. Thanks