Friday, March 20, 2009

DISPICABLE - Outgoing Secretary of the Navy honors Murtha

As on of his last official duties as the Secretary of the Navy, Donald C. Winter has awarded John Murtha the Department of the Navy ‘Distinguished Public Service Award’!

This award award to Murtha is a dispicable act of cronyism at best and a "political payoff" at worst. First of all let me be as blunt as possible. Murtha, a Marine Corp veteran, sold his soul to the devil when he declared before any evidence was collected, 'There's no question in my mind about what happened here. There was no gunfire, they killed four people in a taxi...24 people were killed.' In addition to this slanderous treachery done to the fighting Marines of our great country, Jack Murtha is not a distinguished individual, but is a crook of the worst kind.

But before I get into the crimes of Murtha (former and present) I want to place into perspective the background of the Secretary of Navy that awarded Murtha this well timed certificate (keeping in mind the recent FBI raids of defense contractors that are tied to Murtha).

Donald C. Winter’s last official day as SECNAV was 3/13/09. Donald C. Winter sat on many of the same defense contractor boards that PMA lobbied for. Is this another case of having the henhouse guarded by the fox, or is it another case of another person whose company benefited from Murtha’s pork so the individual gives him back some credibility by way of the award. It is disgusting and obvious and hopefully it will be seen for what it is – an award that was bought and paid for…..

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