Saturday, March 21, 2009

US Taxpayers are paying for Islamic Shariah banking at AIG

Just when we thought we have had enough of the anger provoking actions of the Democratic Leadership when it comes to AIG, we now learn that we (the US Taxpayer) are also funding radical Shariah banking at AIG. I say radical because those who strickly adhere to Shariah law are radical Islamic organizations. Shariah rules govern spiritual matters, but they also mandate the stoning of women, execution of homosexuals, amputations for criminals, female genital mutilation, execution of Muslim apostates, an inferior status for non-Muslims and numerous other violations of Western values and international norms.

When the Democratic House and Senate pushed through the "stimulus bill" without ever reading it (including Barack Hussein Obama) they emperilled our country along many fronts.

To put the stimulus into perspective, the total US Budget for "Homeland Security" (which is supposed to protect us against radical islamic terror) is roughly $50 billion per year. The Stimulus bill is roughly 4 times greater.

In addition to the political malfeasance of the Democratic party in failure to read this bill prior to voting on it, the Democrats also inserted the language that assured the $160 million in executive bonuses that they feigned surprise and disgust over.

When I speak of "malfeasance" I refer to the fact that if the Democrats failed to read and understand what was in this particular bill, then how can they "protect and defend" the constitution adequately? I place the entire failure of this bill squarely on the Democrats because the Republicans (with the exception of 3 Senate Republicans) overwhelmingly voted "no" on this bill (yet the Democrats and Obama exclaimed bi-partisan support)!
The Democrats malfeasance went a step further when they passed yet another bill that targeted a select group of Americans to tax in order to steal the bonuses back (which will fail constitutional muster in court).
I save the worst "Constitutional" issue for last, which is the title of my thread, the Governments endorsement of Isamic Shariah religious practices by AIG. The AIG bailout overwhelmingly places this former private company (who can do what they wish in the way of religious underwriting) in US Federal Government control and ownership.
The Democrats and their radical allies have embarked on a consistent path or drumbeat over the last 40+ years in their quest to stamp out religion (particularly Christianity) from the public through the legal constitutional argument of the "separation of Church and State" yet find ways to alway allow for the intrusion of Islamic faith into our society unchecked and unfettered. The ACLU and the atheists want a cross removed from a hillside in San Diego, yet allow a city in Michigan to blare prayer calls 5 times a day over loudspeakers.
The radical Shariah banking issues is more widespread than just AIG. The following companies also provide this radical banking to Islamic adherents (keeping in mind that these companies are not owned by the US Government as AIG is and are listed as such and are free to do as they wish though some may have also received TARP funds):

AIG Financial Advisers Inc.
AIG Financial Services Corp.
AIG Retirement Advisers Inc
AIG Royal Alliance Associates
AIG SunAmerica Securities
American Portfolio Financial Services
Ameritas Investment Corporation
Associated Securities Corp.
AST Capital Trust Co.
AXA Advisers LLC
Bancnorth Investment
Becker & Suffern
Berthel Fisher
BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
Brown Brothers Harriman
Brown Brothers Harriman, Blush, Fox.
Cadaret Grant & Co.
Calton & Associates Inc.
Cambridge Investment Research
Capitol Securities inc.
Centaurus Financial Services
CitiGroup Global Capital Markets division Smith Barney
Clearview Corr. Services
Commonwealth Securities & Investments
Comprehensive Asset Management
Country Capital Management Inc.
CRI Securities LLC
Crown Capital Securities Corp.
CSSC Brokerage Services
CUSO Financial Services
Dreyfus Services Corp.
Equitas America LLC
Ferris Baker & Watts
FFP Securities Inc.
First Allied Securities
First National Bank Sioux Falls
First Republic Securities
First Worldwide Securities Corp.
FolioFN Investments Inc.
FSC Securities Corp
Further Lane Securities
Geneos Wealth Management
GoldK Investment Services
Great American Advisors
GunnAllen Financial Services
H Beck Inc.
Harbour Investments
Hefren Tillotsen
Hewitt Financial Services
Hilliard Lyons Inc.
HSBC Securities
Infinity Financial Securities
Ing Financial Advisers Inc.
Ing Financial Partners Inc.
ING Life & Annuity Co.
Ing Retirement Services
Institutional Securities Corp.
International Trust Clearing Company
Intersecurities Inc.
Intervest International Equities Corp.
Invest Financial Corporation
Investment Planners Inc.
Investors Capital Corp.
JKR and Company, Inc.
JP Morgan Invest LLC
JP Morgan Securities, INC
Kalos Capital Inc.
KMS Financial Services
Leigh Baldwin & Co.
Lincoln Financial Securities Corp.
Linsco Private Ledger
M & T Securities Inc.
M Holdings
M&I Brokerage Services
Maplewood Investment Advisors
Matrix Settlement & Clearance Services LLC
Mellon Bank Securities Corp.
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch Retirement Services
Mesirow Inc.
MetLife Securities Inc.
Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation (Sunguard)
MMC Securities Corporation
Money Concepts Capital Corp.
Morgan Keegan & Co.
Mutual Service Corporation
Nation Investment Service Corp.
National Financial Services Corp.
National Planning Corp.
New England Securities
Next Financial Group
NPB Financial Group
OptionsXpress, Inc
Partnervest Securities
Penson Financial Services
Peoples Bank Nominee Petbatco
Peoples Securities Inc.
Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC
Pershing LLC
Petersen Investments
Portsmouth Financial Services
PrimVest Financial Services
Princor Financial Services
QA3 Financial Corp
Quest Capital Corp.
Questar Capital Corporation
RIDGE Clearing
Ryan Beck & Co.
Saxony Securities
Schwab, (Charles) & Co. Inc.
Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.
Scottrade Inc.
Securities America Inc.
Sentinel Securities
Shareholder Services Corp.
Shepard & Vrbanac Securities, Inc.
SII Investments, Inc.
SMH Capital Corp.
Southwest Securities Inc.
Swiss American Securities
Syndicated Capital Inc.
T. Rowe Price Investment Services Inc.
TC Advisors Network
TCF Investments Inc.
TD Ameritrade
TFS Securities inc.
The Concorde Equity Group
Thomas MacDonald Partners
Tower Square Securities
UBS Financial
Unified Trust Co.
United Equity Securities
USA Advance Planners Inc.
USAllianz Securities
Uvest Financial Services
Vanguard Brokerage Services
Wachovia Securities Inc.
Walnut Street Securities
Waterstone Financial Group
Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.
Wells Fargo Securities, Inc.
William Blair & Co.
Winslow Evans Crocker
Woodbury Financial Services
Workman Securities Inc.
Zions Investment Securities
The list above are all Amana Mutual Funds Trust "Dealers and Brokers". The following link to the site give you an idea:
There is hope on the horizon that will expose this unconstitutional practice from ever being graced by our taxpayer dollars with the impending lawsuit filed by the "Thomas Moore Law Center":
The Department of Justice, headed by Eric Holder who is a friend of terrorists everwhere has filed a motion to dismiss the case (surprise, surprise). I will keep you updated as the case progresses.

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