Friday, March 20, 2009

Mississippi Burning - Cowardly Attorney General needs to practice what he preaches

On February 18, 2009 US Attorney General Eric Holder decided to inform us Americans of our cowardice in all things racial. This lecture also coincided with “black history” month. Some of his words of wisdom were:

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been, and we, I believe, continue to be, in too many ways, a nation of cowards,”

“Though race-related issues continue to occupy a significant portion of our political discussion, and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about things racial.” Holder said that the Department of Justice, in particular, bears a singular responsibility”.

One of the worst cases of racially motivated murder in our country occurred in 1964 and after 4 decades (June 21, 2005) a jury convicted Edgar Ray Killen of three counts of manslaughter in the deaths of those 3 civil rights workers that were trying to register black voters during the "Freedom Summer" of 1964”.

Their deaths were the impetus for Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The murders occurred in Philadelphia, Mississippi which is 50 miles southwest of Noxubee, Mississippi. Note: The movie “Mississippi Burning” was created from the true life case of 1964.

In the same year (February 17, 2005) that Edgar Ray Killen was convicted of the crime that lead to the “Voting Rights Act of 1965” another act of racially motivated voter fraud and intimidation (though not murder) was entered into the US Court system under Section 2 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act mentioned above. The US Attorney Generals Office filed suite against Ike Brown, who is black. The United States brought this suit on behalf of the county’s white voters—the minority in that county—for alleged violations of § 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

In June 2007, Ike Brown was found guilty.

Ike Brown appealed that decision and on 2/27/09 (also during Black History Month) the lower court opinion was confirmed (Ike Brown lost).

So it has to beg the question, has anyone even heard of Ike Brown or this case? I performed a lexus-nexus search for it on the majority of the Main Stream Media sites and guess what – nada.

Our US Attorney Generals Office website has no mention of the case (except under a very specific search parameter using “Ike Brown”, but again if you never heard of Ike Brown the search would be impossible) but you can find Eric Holder’s speech calling us a nation of cowards on race readily.

You would think that Eric Holder could have taken the time to address this legal victory that the US DOJ achieved in the successful prosecution of a racially motivated voter civil rights case. Was it because the victims were White and did not fit the model of victimology that the MSM and Democratic politicians remind us of?

The fact that this case was brought up on the 1965 civil rights laws that were created due to an injustice that occurred just 50 miles to the North and that the victims this time were white and perpetrated by blacks would have some historical context for a story.
The fact that Ike Brown was also a twice convicted felon and the civil rights violations of those white voters happened to be Democrats has a touch of irony. But hey, democrats eat their young and throw their mothers under buses

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