Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bridges TV created by Muslim man after 9/11

Station launched in 2004 to help portrait Muslims in a more favorable light!

Muzzammil Hassan, emigrated to the US from Pakistan and felt that we Americans were not being sensitive to Muslims after 9/11.

In an interview (in 2004 after announcing the launching of his TV network - Bridges TV) he, as well as prominate celebrities like Mahammed Ali, indicated that the timing of the network to "educate" Americans to ease racial profiling and hate crimes against Muslims in the wake of 9/11 was long overdue and the ABC News anchor (Michael Herzenberg) that interviewed Mr. Hassan said at the opening of this interview:

"Do you take a second look at Muslims on a plane, on a train or even on the street, and worry about terrorism."

It summed up the kind of focus that Muslims are under. "Hate crimes targeting Muslim Americans are part of a new brand of bigotry surfacing since 9/11," Herzenberg said.

Muhammed Ali stated this to an interview about the necessity of this TV network for Arab Americans:

"I think that the best way to overcome the erroneous image of American Muslims is to let the rest of America get to know us the way they would get to know their next door neighbor, seeing us in natural situations at work and at play.

We think Bridges TV will make this happen," said Muhammad Ali, a keen subscriber So, when the overwhelming majority of the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by Muslims from Saudi Arabia after highjacking planes and using them as missiles, is it misguided to harbor some form of fear that the "plane, train or even on the street" has a potential of terror by a muslim?

We Americans are so "misguided" in our fear, according to the article by the largest Middle Eastern English Language Daily, Arab News posted in February 2005.;m=2&y=2005

So, let us fast forward to yesterday and a rather small reporting of a brutal murder that occurred in Buffalo, NY where a woman (Middle Eastern decent) was found murdered (beheaded) by her Middle Eastern husband. This gruesome murder is thought to have been committed by the husband because the wife had filed for a divorce (and a protective order against her husband for obvious reasons).

Maybe the man was "misguided" about his wife and her intentions? One thing for sure, the murder will not get much play in the MSM as well as Bridges TV because the husband that has been arrested and charged with the murder is none other than the man who founded Bridges TV and was it's current CEO.

Is our misconception at this point unfounded and is it insensitive to say that this Middle Eastern Muslim that chided us "racist Americans" for our profound fear of Muslims justified in dispatching his wife in such a manner? It is, according to most liberals and the MSM as well as radical Islam, acceptable to reconcile the fact that beheadings are just normal forms of expressions ala Daniel Pearle and so many others who have found themselves in close proximity of a Muslim with a knife. We should not be fearful of those who say we must trust this form of expression especially after such a prominate member of the Muslim Community say's he is misunderstood.

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