Sunday, March 1, 2009

Compulsary Education

Everyone who lives in this great country know very well that education is compulsory. In other words, it is against the law to not attend. Then why are the indicators that tell us how we stack up against other country’s say that we are falling behind. The answer is discipline, or lack of it and enforcement of non-moral ideology! We may have to sit in the seat, but we do not have to learn.

The politically correctness of the Teachers and their unions are amazing. The curriculum today frowns on anything that supports the military or Judeo/Christian nationalism to that of “conflict resolution”. To criticize a student, for not keeping their focus for instance, is seen as an action that can cause trauma to the student’s fragile ego or self-esteem. They are taught that mistakes are OK and they do not have to take personal responsibilities for their own actions. This curriculum of appeasement is like a factory for future anti-war, environmentalist in love with Hollywood. Thank God that he endowed man with free will.

Not all of the students fall for this drivel. They smart ones who go home after school, to stable family surrounding and understand that what they heard early in the day during assembly does not fit with reality around them at home.

The liberals want to throw more money at the problem to fix it. They believe that if they have even more money to fund a condom program, or add more bureaucratic layers to their ranks to brainstorm how to hire seminar speakers like Ward Churchill to bring these views to these children. The teachers unions and the ACLU are consistently challenging any reference to Christianity in the courts yet the ACLU at the same time brought suit against a school district and won the right of a single Islamic student to have a room at school made available for her prayers to mecca. This is tantamount to having the government endorse a specific religion over another, after all the courts are part of the Legislative Branch of the US Government.

The teachers unions were the first to balk at the Presidents plan to “Leave no Child Behind”. They are touting it as too cumbersome and impeded the teacher’s ability to teach. They did not want to have approved lessen plans; take competency tests to prove that they are qualified to be molding these young, impressionable minds.President Bush’s school voucher program aims to change the non-competitive, moral bankrupt, school system and give every parent the choice of what school to send their child to.

Now, the inner-city school that has been plagued with teen pregnancy, gang problems, drug abuse and virtually no discipline to curb it, the burden of having to compete for there existing students and everyone knows that schools depend on their funding “per student”. Which mean that their ideas of how to best teach the child will be in the spotlight and will now have to convince the parent to continue with this model of indoctrination or change the way they have always operated.

The country should rejoice that charter schools have taken hold and that enough time has elapsed to give us some positive data since their inception. These are schools that say the pledge of allegiance everyday and are taught that under god means just that. These are schools that we as kids almost had.

I was in grade school in the 1960’s and fortunately the radical liberals that were protesting the Vietnam war were just that, on the streets vs. teaching positions. It gave me enough exposure to moral behavior and taking responsibility for whether I succeed or fail. I feared my report card every quarter, but not because I was afraid of my ego being bruised or a blow to my self esteem, but because I had to explain to my parents, who understood the necessity of a sound education, why my performance was lacking.

My parents understood the need for their children to have a good load of “extra-curricular” activities (sports, band, choir, clubs, etc) because if their child’s attentions are focused on positive things then they will not be on a street corner getting into trouble.It was exactly this mix of parental influence and personal growth that allowed me to compete in the real world after my compulsory education.The very fear that my parents had, to keep the focus and prevent me from ending on the mean streets, are now being realized because the liberals have managed to bring these mean streets to the classrooms of America.

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