Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pay for Play and Obama's feign of ignorance

At this point in the controversy surrounding the recently arrested Illinois Governor President elect Obama has not been tied directly to the unfolding events. Information that we know at this point is that Obama has found the questions irritating enough to hold press conferences to distance his staff and himself from the ongoing investigation. Already there are conflicting statements coming out from his camp. The day that Obama had held his first press conference he stated that “he has never spoken or met with the Governor about his Senate seat.”

Within hours of this statement on the record the media had found that Obama’s spokesman David Axelrod had already gone on record two weeks earlier and said that “Obama has been in direct contact with the Governor about his recently vacated Senate seat and that many names have been discussed.” Within hours of this new revelation that contradicted Obama’s earlier statement David Axelrod came out and said he was “mistaken”.

Obama again came out on record and said that he “believes” that no-one from his staff had any discussions directly with the Governor and that he was going to query everyone and if there were anyone on his staff, he would disclose this to the public.

The 78 page indictment is filled with coded descriptions of participants of the wiretap that was intended to conceal the participant’s identities. The nomenclature had described them as “Fundraiser A”; “Individual A”; “Individual B”; “Individual C”; “Hospital Executive 1”; “Highway Contractor 1”; “Lobbyist 1”; “Lobbyist 2”; “Contributor 1”; “Engineering Firm 1”; Deputy Governor A”; “Advisor A”; “Advisor B”; “Senate Candidate 1”; “Senate Candidate 2”; Senate Candidate 3”; “Senate Candidate 4” and Senate Candidate 5.”

Full indictment document here:

The press has already identified some of the coded individuals in the indictment through the process of elimination such as “Hospital Executive A works at Weiss Memorial Hospital. Senate Candidate 5 is Jesse Jackson, Jr. due to the public knowledge he wanted to be considered for the vacant Senate seat.

When referring to “Senate Candidate 1” the discussions that took place were between the Deputy Governor (at the direction of the Governor) and an official with the SEIU (Service International Employee’s Union). The SEIU official was floating a three way deal to get the person that the “President elect” wanted (at this point it appears Obama was not involved with this conversation or knew about it) which was Valerie Jarrett.

See article here:

One of the President elect’s transition team members has deep connections with the SEIU. This person is Patrick Gaspard who lobbied on Health Care Issues for the SEIU.

But let us not forget another recent scandal that involved Obama and the SEIU. During the Democratic primaries it was the SEIU that became involved in the campaign when Hillary was floundering and put Obama over the top.

Before I get into that, I want to give a little history lesson about the founding of the SEIU. The founder was a man named “Wade Rathke”. Why is this important you ask because Wade Rathke was also the founder of ACORN?

What do we remember during the election and the name ACORN and Obama? One incident that comes to mind is the $800,000 the Obama campaign paid to ACORN under a false FEC filing to hide the payment. This organization that was paid was Citizen Services, Inc.:

The largest single PAC contributor to the President elect’s campaign was SEIU:

In addition to the ongoing FBI and FEC investigation concerning ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration drives in numerous states that treated the American public to names of newly registered voters that happened to be dead or named Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc., the organization has been plagued with internal corruption and controversy when it was discovered that $1MM was embezzled from a subsidiary of ACORN by the founder’s brother “Dale Rathke”. The entity was called “Citizens Consulting, Inc.”:

It is rather odd that the fraudulent FEC $800k payment by the Obama campaign was to a company called “Citizen Services, Inc.” and the company that Dale Rathke embezzled from is called “Citizen Consulting, Inc.”. See a pattern here?

So let us recap some dots.

Obama is from the political machine called “Chicago”.

The term “president elects” is mentioned (over 100 times) in the indictment against the Governor of Illinois.

The indictment alludes that “Senate Candidate 1” is Valerie Jarrett who is currently on the “President Elect transition team”.

Obama denies contacting Governor about Senate seat vacancy but David Axlerod said two weeks prior that extensive discussion took place.

It is speculated that Rahm Emanuel (who is to be nominated as the White House Chief of Staff in the Obama administration) held direct talks with the Governor about Jarrett and SEIU and a three way deal reminiscent of an NBA trade.

Another Obama transition team member (Patrick Gespard) has extensive lobbying experience for SEIU.

Obama campaign filed a false FEC statement regarding an $800k payment to ACORN.

ACORN was founded by the same individual that founded the SEIU (Wade Rathke).

Patrick Gespard, Vallerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are all on Team Obama.

Call it coincidence or call it connecting dots. But with this many coincidences or this many dots it is rather difficult to continue to keep hearing that “Obama” didn’t hear any racial sermons during the 20 plus years of attending Rev. Wrights church. It is rather difficult hearing that Bill Ayers is just someone who lives in the neighborhood. It is rather difficult hearing that Obama did not work for ACORN. It is rather difficult to hear that he had no discussions with the Governor about a Senate Seat.

Over and over again we hear about what Obama apparently did not hear or know when it comes up again and again and again. When is it time to say, bullcrap. Too many lies and deceptions to be mere coincidences by now…….

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