Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sirhan Sirhan - A friend of Barack Obama

It is truely amazing the poor and nonexistent job that the MSM has done when digging up the association of Barack Obama! I am not speaking of dirt, per se, I am speaking of letting the voting public know who this guy is and what is the deal with who he hangs with (without subjective bias even).

For instance, everyone knows that Rashid Khalidi is a close friend with Barack Obama and in fact wrote a letter to the law school that he subsequently attended (and there is speculation that he helped fund the tuition).

The second thing about Khalidi is that he was a spokeman (no matter how much the MSM denies or downplays it) for the PLO during it's formidable terror years. To be specific, Khalidi and the Obama's have dined together, their children attend the same schools and Obama has lectured at the University of Chicago where khalidi teaches.

In addition, the now infamous LA Times tape that the McCain campaign has been trying to get released to the public shows Obama toasting and boasting about the man who was once the mouth for Arafat.A powerline article has background on Khalidi and had this to report:"FOX News reported that Khalidi wrote an obituary for Salah Khalaf (also known as Abu Iyad) when he died in 1991.

According to the FOX News report, Khalidi praised Khalaf and said he would be "sorely missed by the Palestinian people to whom he devoted his life."Khalaf held many PLO posts. In Inside the PLO Neil Livingstone and David Halevy report that Khalaf was the PLO's spymaster, the leader of its security and covert apparatus and the principal link to so-called rejection front elements like Abu Nidal. He directly oversaw the PLO's internal security including Force 17, the Special Operations Group and the Intelligence and Security Apparatus.Khalaf was also the commander in chief of the terrorist Black September organization. Black September was a PLO front group that answered directly to Yasser Arafat. It is of course best known for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. Among its other operations was the 1973 seizure of the Saudi embassy in Khartoum. During the operation the American ambassador to Sudan (Cleo Noel) and his deputy chief of misson (George Curtis Moore) were both brutally murdered on Arafat's orders along with the Belgian diplomat Guy Eid. Khalaf was involved in the planning of the operation and directed the seizure of the embassy.

Before they murdered Noel, Moore and Eid, the Black September terrorists demanded the release of Robert Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan",The article also goes on to say that Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn (the other Hyde Park neighbors) wrote and dedicated their 1974 book "Prarie Fires" to Sirhan Sirhan and other political prisoners.

With the Presidential election behind us and with the help of the MSM (especially the LA Times for not releasing the footage of Barack Obamas presence and toasting of his friend Khalidi) we are about to see how the corrupt Chicago politics first hand.

Keeping in mind that Ted Kennedy endorses the man who is friends with the people that wanted his brothers murderer released and in turn murdered when they did not get their wishes is a scary testiment to how far we have lurched leftward.

In the last couple of Months we have heard from the minnions in the halls of power of the left like Barney Frank say that he wants to reduce military spending by as much as 25% while Obama comes out and says he wants to raise a "civilian national defense force" (reminiscent of Hugo Chavez).

Obama also states that he will scrap the "planned missile defense" shield meant to protect Europe from Irans nuclear missile ambitions while stating he is going to sit down and talk with them.While all of this "Change" is going on, he will be picking the pockets of "Joe the American".

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