Sunday, March 1, 2009

The commercialization of Defeat

The advertisement of defeat has the monopoly!

I heard it put this way: If the war on terror and the Iraq war were compaired to Coke or Pepsi in a marketing campaign and you told Coke that they could not advertise against their rival in the open marketplace, who would win the battle of soft drink giants? Pepsi of course.

Put the media exposure to the same litmus test and replace the word "coke" with "Victory" and the word "Pepsi" with "Defeat" and the results are the same. Since before the runup to the war on terror and the Iraq war, the media, socialist democrats and some RINO republicans have been monopolizing the airwaves with "Defeat".

The word Victory has been erased. How can we win the war when one side gets the attention and the other - nothing. You can't.Defeatist news out trumps good news. In the media, the socialists and appeasers have made this a one sided argument. No wonder it appears to a vast majority of Americans that we have lost. 3 days into the war we were treated with words like "quagmire" and "impossibility against a dictator". It (the defeatist campaign) accelerated when an election was in progress. This is true because when was the last time in recent months that the MSM placed one of their favorite "troop body counts" up for consumption? No election, no body counts. It is so obvious that it is maddening. We as a nation are in big trouble and need to find our nationalism again and quickly.

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