Sunday, March 1, 2009

Radical Islamism, Communism & the American Left

Why can’t you see (what is in front of you)? Why can’t you hear (what is being said) and why can’t you even fight for your survival?Let’s start with seeing and hearing. How many times have you seen the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran step up to a podium and say: That the Holocaust did not happen, that it was a ruse created by Westerners to deprive Arabs of their land. That it is his (Iranian President) belief that “He” is destined to usher in the 12th Imam. That Israel should be and will be “wiped off the map”, and more recently that if Israel attacks Syria, then Iran will inject itself into the equation and warns of serious consequences.

You cannot deny that the President of Iran is on record (Television, Radio, Print) as denying the holocaust, advocating and promising to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and then the fact that the man orchestrating this little dance also believes that he is connected to the 12th Imam and destined to usher in a new world Islamic order after 7 years of pestilence, disease and plagues.

So, you have this man, on record, confessing to the world his beliefs and intentions? Can you honestly deny that even if you discount those personal statements, the news that is quickly unfolding with the 2 front wars in Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories, is consistent with what the Iranians are doing and saying.

For instance, the timing of Hezbollah going into Israel and capturing and spiriting two soldiers back across the border into Lebanon. Syria controls Hezbollah as was witnessed when democracy took the country (northern part of Lebanon) back with an election. Iran making the threat to Israel if they attack Syria. All fingers point to Iran. All of this started the day that the UN gave Iran its deadline for the US proposal on its Nuclear Weapons Programs. Coincidence?

The current headlines today in the Mainstream media are showing that “World Leaders are Divided” on Israel’s overwhelming response to their National Security concerns. Leaders the likes of France stating that “Israel is acting out of proportion to the incident”.

Israel is not stupid and blind to the reality that they take the President of Iran at his word. The eerie similarities between the rhetoric of Iran and that to Adolph Hitler are striking. They (Jews) know what it is like to be persecuted and almost exterminated as a race. They sat helplessly by while the likes of Neville Chamberlain convinced Europe that this “Hitler” guy was OK, that they could appease him. The old axiom that goes like this “those who fail to recognize history are doomed to repeat it”. Well, the Israelis are not going to stand by, this time. In addition to what they have heard and seen (Israelis) they also have a “visceral” feeling that is telling them to be afraid.

I applaud George Bush with having John Bolton veto that ridiculous UN Resolution that criticized the Israeli response. I applaud George Bush for telling the World that Israel has a right to defend herself.

Now let’s talk about Communism. We all know that there are only a handful of communistic states left on the Globe. You have China, Cuba and North Korea. Then you have regimes that are elected that resemble and coddle communism such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. But the most insidious of the communistic states is Putin of Russia. He (ex-KGB head during communist heyday) has managed to become democratically elected and has since consolidated his power base and has seized the oil riches from a private owner. They are for all intents and purposes communistic by leadership.

In addition to the Middle East you have North Korea who is acting up with its missiles and threats. When you look at the country geographically, you see South Korea (Democratic Capitalistic Society) with North Korea as the only buffer to China’s doorstep. This is why they (Chinese) have to have a communist country in between. China does not want North Korea to resemble South Korea because Democracy would be on their border. For all intents and purposes, Communism is dying as an ideology. Global markets are dominating factors and Democracy is the key to success. This is why you are now seeing the Chinese/Russia alliances. They also keep Cuba and Venezuela at arms length. Capitalism is surrounding these final communistic regimes and they are consolidating ideological power to stave off the inevitable, which is their final demise to expanding globalism. This is why America must have “Israel’s back”. We have just freed the troops up in the South of Iraq and turned over the security to the Iraqi’s. Our military infrastructure is in place, troops in place as well as command and control capabilities. Iran is racing to complete the bomb to use in its apocalyptic dreams and Israel is the target of these goals. Iran has said so. So if we have to go it alone, then we must protect Israel at all cost. We are in a long and protracted fight against Islamic fundamentalist terrorists that are trying to kill us to achieve a new Caliphate. We must find the strength and resources to fight for our very survival. It all begins and ends in Israel.

Why can’t YOU see it?

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