Friday, March 20, 2009

Citizen Obmama - update

One of the numerous lawsuits filed (by a retired military officer) to compel Obama to produce his live birth certificate was recently dismissed on March 10, 2009 before it even got into the hearing mode. Judge James Robertson went even further than just a mere dismissal, he threatened the Plaintiff's attorney with sanctions for even bringing the matter before the court.

Judge Robertson (A Clinton Appointee) was also one of the first Judges to invalidate the Bush plan for war tribunals when he first considered Hamdan's (Osama Bin Laden driver held at Guantanamo Bay) case in 2004.

There may be a silver lining to this travesty when the Judge threatened the sanctions because it now gives the attorney the right to challenge the dismissed hearing based on the Judges reasoning which opens the door for discovery to refute the Judges assertions. If that occurs, the one piece of discovery that will be sought to dispel the Judge is the "actual Live Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama".

Liberal Judges are no different than their political counterparts, they just do not know when to shut up in making their point. In this instance, that point may now be admissible!

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