Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why Obama/Democrats are wrong

I have written much about the Democrats and their socialist, progressive, communistic ways.  I have surely been hyperbolic at times when describing and paint a mighty big stroke of my brush against those who call themselves Democrat as well as those who support their policies.  When I say policies, I also mean ideology because no truer practice of policy is found the ideology it represents.

If the Obama Administration and those in Congress and the Senate pass laws like Obamacare it is surely indicative of their ideology of the State run health care.  The State has the power over the individual.  Before I go on, I do concede that there are many on the Republican side of the isle and who follow them that have exactly the same thoughts of Statism vs. Individual liberty. 

The most prominent example of Republican transgression along Statism lines are the auto industry bailout of GM.  Mitt Romney has taken a beating by the Obama campaign and those who support him in the MSM as someone who wanted GM to fail.  They said he wanted to bankrupt GM.  That message resonated well in the polls until the debates.  Mitt Romney made his point clear that he believed that GM should have been forced to go through the Bankruptcy process and enjoy all of it's protection in order to reorganize to exit the other side leaner and smarter in order to compete.  Unfortunately, the losers were the shareholders and creditors, the winners were the Auto Unions, for now.

This is really the heart of Obama and his fellow travellers ideology -- the State picks winners and losers

"Churchill: I've said it before and will say it again: "The follies of socialism are inexhaustible."

I watched the long, slow, agonizing decline of British industry under socialism following World War II… and I know that government only makes things worse by meddling in the economy. Whenever governments try to pick winners and losers, they invariably wind up picking losers and compounding failure. And there are good reasons for that.

When losses are made (under free-market capitalism), these losses are borne by the individuals who sustained them and took the risk and judged things wrongly, whereas under state management all losses are quartered upon the tax-payers and the community as a whole. The elimination of the profit motive and of self-interest as a practical guide in the myriad transactions of daily life will restrict, paralyze, and destroy British ingenuity, thrift, contrivance, and good housekeeping at every state in our life and production, and will reduce all our industries from a profit-making to a loss-making process."

Under Obama, the State picked GM over the individual risk takers (shareholders).  Under free markets the consumer (individual) picks winners and losers.  In America, the consumers reject electric cars yet the Obama Statist picked GM forced the re-tooling of their plants to produce the Chevy Volt at a whopping loss that the free market, still as it is, reject whole heatedly.  This, in spite of the Statist lavished incentives to purchase them in an effort to "create" a market niche for it's success.  The State has decided for the individual that you must abandon you SUV and squeeze into this fire trap on wheels.

Under Obama, the State picked Solyndra over the individual risk takers in the domestic oil markets in the US.  The Canadian pipeline killed, the oil drilling leases on Government land killed, Fracking technology taking early hits in the eventual killing of that industry for what, solar panels made in Denmark and China.  Obama and the Statist again pick the loser, the taxpayer, who has to pick up the tab.

Everywhere the Statist succeed in picking market based winners -- turn into losers of the individual liberty kind.


  1. Absolutely nothing to disagree with to the premise of the post.

    It encapsulates exactly why I no longer vote for the status quo.

  2. One can never go wrong quoting Churchill.
    I wonder if I can market a black ball that you shake and read the message under it and it's another Churchill quote?

  3. Those might sell Ed. I'm thinking more on the lines of a whack-a-mole like carnival game, only with bozo's head instead of the mole popping up. Think I'd make a fortune?