Friday, June 12, 2009

Another example of the trampling of "free speech", Bucknell University requires permit to hand out bibles

The Conservative Club on campus at Bucknell University has their hands full with school administrators these days.
In a two month period, they have had 3 of their peaceful protest activities shut down completely. The latest being the administrators requiring a permit to hand out free bibles on campus."Bucknell promises free speech, but it delivers selective censorship," Kind of sounds like the County in San Diego requiring a permit for bible study in private homes.
On its face, it looks like "whats the big problem, obtain a permit and hand out bibles, right". Well back in March, the student group tried to hand out fake dollar bills with President Obama's face on the front and the sentence "Obama's stimulus plan makes your money as worthless as monopoly money" on the back. Mickanis (administrator) told the students they were "busted" and they needed a special permit for their "solicitation."
She told the students their offense was the equivalent of handing out Bibles -- thus the idea to do just that.Then in April, to protest "affirmative action and the reverse discrimination that the college doles out in favor of minorities over non-minorities the group held a "bake sale" which was also shut down because it needed one of those pesky permits.
The group then applied for a permit and it was shut down for reasons that the bake sale was discriminitory against minorities (because a donut was more expensive for one group than another -- again to make the political point of the affirmative action policy and its discriminatory effects."
The protests are thus intended to satirize and spark debate about affirmative action policies, not to raise revenue."

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