Saturday, June 6, 2009

The number is now up to 5, another Gitmo inmate commits suicide

Usually when an Islamic Terrorist commits suicide it has a large group of innocents around him that bear the brunt of the deed. If there is one thing good that has come from those who would inflict maximum carnage in order to receive 72 virgins in the next life that are being held at Gitmo it would be that no-one else dies when they kill themselves.

Those who reside at our lavish hotel called Gitmo it is best to remember that most of them are busy sending others to their deaths and do not do so themselves (kind of like Charles Manson did with his family).

It also goes to show how stupid they are knowing that "Comrade Obama" is on their side and he is trying to get them released if it weren't for the stupid fact that everyone else in the world doesn't want it so.

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