Thursday, June 4, 2009

What links "Tiller the Killer" to the "BTK Killer", Both attended the same Church

According to demcrats and liberal activists that label those who do not believe in Pro-Choice as "right wing extremist/terrorist" have seen the MSM point a collective finger of guilt at the "Pro-life movement" for his brutal demise.

Thats right, the MSM has said that Bill O'Reilly is guilty for whipping up the radical base of Pro-lifers until they murdered one of the lefts own when he ran repeated news stories about Tiller.

The finger pointing at the pro-life movement from the left is non-stop (just as the accusations they leveled at O'Reilly). The non stop drubbing makes it appear that the pro-life group has been actively engaged in violent jihad all along in order to stop a woman's right to choose.

But let us look at some facts:According to recent polls most Americans have indicated they are "Pro-Life" (the number is over 50% while 80% oppose late term abortions of the kind that Tiller specialized).

That is roughly 150 million people that the left call terrorists. It has been 36 years since a handful of black robed individuals foisted upon this country without the ability to vote on it a right to murder innocent human beings. In the same 36 year period there have only been 5 abortion doctors killed. In a country (US) where there are less than .05% Muslim, 19 muslims killed thousands of innocent Americans in 1 day (9/11).

Furthermore in this same 36 year span of time there have been 49 million innocents killed in the US and Dr. Tiller bragged that he performed 60,000 of those. The numbers say 49 million murdered to 5. Even one murder is tragic, but which stat would you consider to be a little more "radical".

I think that 150 million "pro-lifers" is a large number of terrorists don't you. They are a totally incompetent bunch of terrorist murderers if they can only manage to murder 5 people in 36 years! I think that the numbers tell us quite the opposite. That 150 million pro-lifers are decent humans that have absolutely no murder in their hearts and in fact are trying to stop it.

When Tiller's murder was first announced the first question that came to mind was "what church would accept such a man as a true man of faith". When I did a little digging into the "Liberal Lutheran Church" it came into view more clearly. In fact, if you look at what the ELCA doctrine on abortion it make sense why Tiller worshipped here:

It is a short read but the following statement explains how such a man of such horror can find religious refuge in this church:"A developing life in the womb does not have an absolute right to be born, nor does a pregnant woman have an absolute right to terminate a pregnancy. The concern for both the life of the woman and the developing life in her womb expresses a common commitment to life." The statement also adds:"The church recognizes that there can be sound reasons for ending a pregnancy through induced abortion."

These are the threat to a woman's physical life; when pregnancy has resulted from rape, incest or sexual violence; and fetal abnormalities incompatible with life."

If this is acceptable, how can the 60,000 abortions that this individual was responsible for even come close to the "sound reasons for ending a pregnancy"?

If so, Witchita is a very dangerous and dark place to live, let alone die in. How can anyone of sound mind think that this guy ended lives due to rape, incest or sexual violence or even fetal abnormalities. You can't and certainly nowhere near 60,000. This service Tiller performed was outside the church doctrine of their own accepted reasons for condoning the killing of human babies.

It also makes sense that the Church condones killing because Dennis Rader was the President of the Church for over 30 years an we know how he liked his victims -- bound, tortured and killed.

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