Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama is exporting Islamic Terror, Palau agrees to take Chinese Muslims

It appears that we the taxpayers are bribing the "Politicians of Palau" with roughly $19.92 million dollars per terrorist to have that small island tropical paradise take these terrorists.
It appears that the Obama Administration has dangled the $220 million "aid package" to that nation contingent upon receipt.
Whatever political gain the Administration thought it could gain by stating we had finally found another country to "voluntarily" take these criminals will be rendered moot. The effects of this hostage negotiations (money for terrorists) is already having an effect across the globe and not the effect Obama wanted.
The first effect is from the groundswell of opposition (now that the Palau public knows that their leader has agreed to import terror to the small predominately Christian nation) of fear for individual safety and the effects that this decision will have on the one commodity that they rely on -- tourism!
Secondly, China is very, very mad at the US for going against their demand NOT to send any of their nationals to a third party country.
So it appears that Obama is not just happy with decimating the US economy through arrogant policy decisions, he now will be responsible for the decline of a tropical tourist haven. Hey, maybe now that Christian nation can look to the muslim tourist trade and replace the cabanas and surf board shops with prayer rug vendors and skull cap retailers.

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