Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tiller was targeted with violence in the past, What if he had a "concealed gun" permit?

I always look to this question when we hear about someone shot dead in a public place so I decided to check on the "conceal" laws in Witchita, KS to see if Tiller would have had the right to carry because the anti-gun crowd always high-jacks shootings to gain the political high ground.

This is what I found.

In 2007 for the first time in a long time Kansas passed legislation for citizens right to carry a concealed weapon. We do not know if Tiller or the two other men that were accosted by this crazed individual would have made the outcome any different had they had the opportunity to brandish their own weapons, or the very least if the crazed individual knew that the possibility of other armed citizens in close proximity would have deterred his actions.

Though Kansas passed this legislation the Kansas attorney general allowed for business owners to hang signs that prohibited concealed weapons in the private establishments. The law also forbids concealed weapons in the following areas within the state:

"schools, libraries, government buildings, courtrooms, bars, sporting events, or places of worship"

One thing we can conclude is that the crazed individual would have known, up front, that no-one would have been armed on this particular day in this particular "place of worship" thereby giving him a level of comfort from harm.

The 2007 legislation effectively disarms the ability of self defense in the places where you see the more violent massacres by creating "no gun zones" in cities that have the right to carry.

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