Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama tells Muslim World that America is not a “Christian Nation”, Then, Obama tells Muslim World “America is predominately Muslim”

Then - America not a Christian Nation

Now – America is predominantly Muslim

During the election campaign, Obama and his MSM allies were outraged with contempt for anyone who dared to describe the Muslim part of Obama as racist and xenophobic. Just the mere mention of Obama’s middle name by those who dared mention it was met with lightning quick scorn until even the GOP and McCain denounced it also.

In order to get to the bottom of his Muslim roots there were those who wanted to see and verify that Obama was indeed first American and qualified to be President and to settle his birth country origin.

Instead, Congress quickly held hearings to verify whether or not John McCain was qualified for the office of the President because he was born on a US military Base that controlled the Panama Canal yet there were no such scrutiny of Obama when the request to look into his birthright.

The NY Times were happy to report about the McCain eligibility but nary a peep about Obama.

There are those on the left (as well as the Whitehouse itself) that say this issue has been answered definitively when Obama release the short form of his birth certificate on his campaign website. They also point to the affidavit from the Governor of Hawaii that stated he verifies that there is a long form in its vault and that the short form is authentic copy with Hawaii State seal.

The issue, according to the Democrats, MSM and the White House is settled! Or is it?

We all know that the Democrats like to spend money irresponsibly and Obama is no different which could explain the extraordinary expense he is paying to answer and fight the release of his long form birth certificate that Hawaii say’s it has verified it is in possession of.

Why spend millions of dollars to fight something when all you have to do is release the document that can solve the lingering question once and for all? If Obama was so quick and free to release his “short form” without hesitation then there should be no reason to keep fighting the release of the longer version of the short form, right?

Wrong, if and when he is forced to reveal the document it will show that he was in fact born in Kenya and that both of his parents were not legal US residents at the time Obama appeared in the State of Hawaii to live with his mother.

It will also show that he is in fact, Muslim. We know that his father was Muslim and that while in Indonesia, Obama attended a Muslim religious school.Now that Obama has taken the prize of office, he no longer feels necessary to reassure the American Public of his American roots and is increasingly bragging about his Muslim heritage as his true faith.

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