Monday, June 1, 2009

Cuba, Che and General Motors (aka Government motors) - "The New Obama Rebels wanted it all, and took it"

GOP donor owned dealerships forced to shutter
Two seemingly unrelated articles hit the news recently. The first is the investigation into the dealerships that the Government is forcing to close seem to be related to the amount of campaign contributions they gave to GOP candidates vs. Liberals.

The other is the $1 billion court case win of a “Cuban exile” living in America against the Government of Cuba.

First, the background on the man who won the lawsuit:

“According to the Miami Herald – “Villoldo's suit against the Castro brothers and Guevara was rooted in the Cuban government's confiscation of the elder Villoldo's business and property in the early days of the Cuban Revolution.

The elder Villoldo, also named Gustavo, came from a well-off Cuban family. He studied in the United States, became an attorney and attended the Wharton School of Business. He returned to Cuba, briefly practicing law before deciding to open a General Motors car dealership and distribution center.

Cuba's upwardly mobile society of the 1950s purchased their new cars at Villoldo Motor Co. in the center of Havana. Soon, Villoldo's dealership expanded. Just before the revolution, annual sales were nearly $15 million, Gustavo Villoldo testified at at the non-jury trial.
''My father was a very good businessman,'' he said. By the time Castro rolled into Havana on Jan. 8, 1959, Villoldo's personal fortune -- which he would have passed on to his sons -- included the dealership, a waterfront family compound, a home in Varadero near the Kennedy family and another home in Baracoa. There were also rental apartment buildings in Miramar and Havana, a farm and other property.

The new rebels wanted it all -- and took it.

Guevara, who had been named head of Cuba's Banco Nacional, immediately began dismantling all traces of capitalism and eyed Villoldo's General Motors distributorship.”
Now, the background on the controversy surrounding the decision for which dealerships are being forced to shutter:

By now you have heard about the claims that there is a disproportionate amount of GM (Chrysler) dealerships that are being forced to shutter their doors and the amounts of campaign contributions they gave to GOP candidates. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, but Zero Hedge has released a detailed report with visuals showing dealerships being shuttered in cities owned by GOP donors around dealerships owned by Liberal dealerships. In these instances, you can see that the closure of multiple GOP backed dealers are in direct competition to the Liberal owned ones and by virtue of the closures gives the Liberal owned dealerships unfettered market access by eliminating the closest GOP owned dealerships in the city. You really need to see it to understand:

Obama is taking a play from the “revolution handbook because this is just like when Castro and Che rumbled into Havana and took over the only GM dealership and all of the banks.

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