Thursday, June 11, 2009

Right Wing Extremist may get his wish, to Audit the Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Banks

Ron Paul was cited as one of the main worries that the DHS "Right Wing Extremist" report divulged as those who follow him are deemed dangerous.
Ron Paul, for years has advocated that Congress audit the Federal Reserve (a private institution that has no government oversight) because of it's very nature of being a private company with powerful autonomous reach and the ability to sign treaties with other nations without any input or scrutiny from Congress.
With TARP, Bank Bailouts, Auto Bailouts and Americans distrustful of just where our money is going we finally may see light at the end of the tunnel.There are 435 members of Congress and Ron Paul has 213 co-sponsors lined up for this bill. He only needs to reach the magic number of 5 (to gain a procedural majority to assure the bill sees the light of day).
I for one will review the list of cosponsors and write to those who are not on it. The Federal Reserve system needs to go away and our old (95 years ago) "gold standard" needs to be re-asserted.

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