Saturday, November 16, 2013


For all of you out there in "Birther land" there are new developments coming out of the State of Georgia. 

Here is the complete Amicus Brief submitted by the Alabama Democrat Party.

Here is the WH website that posted what is says is Obama's real Birth Certificate.

According to information, the Democrats filed the brief objecting to the appeal of the original case. 

"McInnish has attached certain documentation to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the "short form" and the "long form" birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public."

While the Alabama Democrats attacked the merits of the appeal, calling the evidence by McInnish "inadmissible and not worthy of belief," they also stated "A county sheriff from Arizona is not an 'official source' of anything in Alabama."  -- "Freedom outpost"

The documents that the Alabama Democrats have filed with their brief now include yet another different copy of Obama's Birth Certificate.

The case is sitting before Judge Roy Moore's court.  You remember him, the Judge who refused to remove the 10 commandments from his court.

In a somewhat related bit of information, Sherriff Arapaos' Cold Case Posse is onto a much wider and deeper investigation that will make the Birth Certificate issue that they forensically show was forged by the WH website team.  This new tact of the investigative offshoot from that original investigation promises to divulge the evidence they are currently collecting nationwide by their investigators.

Once divulged it will make the Birth Certificate scandal pale in comparison.


  1. Great News Rosey. At least that will be interesting.

    And Sheriff Arpaio is much more than a country Sheriff

    Yea obama is a non-person. Didn't do squat at harvard but protest Whitey. Didn't do anything of note anywhere. He's been given a false identity, and I don't think it was by soros, I think it was by the muslims.
    Way too many connections to radical muslims around the world, CAIR has a back office n the WH, etc. The people who visit the WH the most are muslms 'leaders'.

    Obviously, this is a long story.

    1. I believe that the cold case posse is running down leads and picking up the investigation that has been stopped by Justice concerning the unsolved murder of Quarles Hale, Jr. in a Washington DC church. I wrote about that unsolved murder here at ALR in depth which resulted in my blogpage being visited by "The Executive Office of the President of the United States as well as the Dept of Justice (FBI) among other Governmental entities. I have a tool on my site that imprints the URL's and physical addresses of all visitors whether they comment or not. It sent a chill down my spine. If you want to read the article here just search for Obama State Dept. breach. You will see that the man who owned the company that provided the contractors to the State Department who breached Obama's, Hillary's and McCain's passport files prior to the election in 08 was John O. Brennan. Brennan, soon after Obama took office was announced to Obama's cabinet as the WH National Security Advisor. How could the man who owned the company that provided the personnel that breached State Department Passport files get the position? The old adage, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" comes to mind. If his employee's had Obama's passport info that show he was in fact a foreigner (based on his passport applications) then Brennon was in a position to prove he was not a citizen. Thus the job and the squelching of the murder investigation of the only witness that was cooperating with the breach investigation.......

    2. Rosey, Appreciate it. As far as I'm concerned, the democrat administrations are guilty of so much more that someone being whacked is almost inconsequential.

      And if the powers that could do something about aren't interested, I'm certainly not. I just literally assume this is what goes on, especially with democrats and especially with obama and his crew of LGBT clowns

  2. Re: Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse:

    The evidence for Obama being born in Hawaii is:

    (1) the two Hawaii birth certificates (of which the first, the short form, is the official birth certificate, used by thousands of people to get their passports every year);

    (2) the repeated confirmations of them by the officials of both parties in Hawaii, including the former Republican governor;

    (3) the public Index Data file;

    (4) the birth notices sent to the "Health Bureau Statistics" section of the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 (which, BTW, was under a REPUBLICAN governor in 1961, and which at the time sent out birth notices ONLY for children born in Hawaii);

    (5) the teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, about the birth in Hawaii of a child to a woman named Stanley;

    (6) Kapiolani Hospital has confirmed that Obama was born there now---twice in fact (naturally birther sites do not show either of them);

    (7) no evidence that Obama's mother had a passport in 1961;

    (8) it was rare for 18-year-olds to have passports or for women to travel abroad late in pregnancy at the time;

    (9) the Kenyan government said that it investigated and that Obama certainly was NOT born there (birther sites did not show that either);

    (10) birther sites LIED about what Obama's Kenyan grandmother said (she never said that he was born in Kenya; she in fact said that he was born in HAWAII;

    (11) Birther sites having lied about what Obama's grandmother said, and other things too, makes it highly likely that their "document experts" are lying too---and numerous real document experts say that the birth certificate is not forged, and that is confirmed by the evidence of the Xerox WorkCentre (which shows how that product scans documents and compresses them using layers and pixillaton).