Friday, November 1, 2013

Naked and near defeat

I have tried to help my readers keep a "stiff upper lip" here at America's Living Room by writing about America's exceptionalism in the face of such dire times.  I do this because when it comes to the strength and uniqueness of this country is unparalleled in World History despite everything Obama and the Democrats whine about to the contrary.  We know that for a very long time now the left, the progressive left, have infiltrated most of our institutions and have been chipping away at our personal freedoms by small policy changes and the attempt to rewrite our history as some dark and evil empire run amok.  Many people know and feel that our America is not the same and that our trajectory is ambling down a path at breakneck speed and it doesn't feel right.  Something is afoot.  We have a handful of steady and proud warriors yelling above the din reminding us of true historical facts in the face of the bald face lies spewed by our compliant and corrupt media.  The anger is rising and the temperature in the room is building to a boiling point.  No longer are we rubes standing on the sidelines waiting for the next Reagan to come along and save us from ourselves.  The tea party has proven that. 

Now, at our darkest hour when Obamacare is still being pushed uphill by those who wish to control our very existence through medical and financial means our finest moment is just around the corner.  There is about to be a paradigm shift to occur and I believe it will happen very soon.  I can feel it in my American bones.  The scandals, lies, deaths and fecklessness of the big government types will soon come to a point that the shear weight of everything they have done to hasten America's downfall will crash over their heads.  This tipping point will be Obamacare.  Soon, there will be a rising and imminent need to repeal this dangerous foe.  The point of saturation will be when the populace understands that the rising cancellations of medical insurance need to stop because the "hope and change" will not save us unless we do. 

When the argument about this rises to a point that no spin will overt or distract the impending crisis from being averted it will topple and it will topple quickly.  Once Obamacare is repealed with bipartisan support and I mean bipartisan then this will just be the first snowball in an avalanche to come crashing down upon the progressives.

The dangerous policies and un-American activities that have been practiced by those on the left (and yes by some on the right) will usher in a new dawn.  This sunrise will be for the whole world to witness again that American exceptionalism that rises from the jaws of defeat to shine again.  The world will see America's greatness awaken from it's slumber to show how even those who say she was finished, is still there.  We are a free and proud nation.  We will again show what tyrannical defeat looks like, even if it came from within our own borders.  We will shine again, and soon.  Have hope because things will change.


  1. Yep, obammycare has two main purposes. Money, Fear. Instil fear in people that if you oppose what the government wants to do on any level and you may lose your access to health care by simple denial of service tactics like in Canadia - Stick you on a waiting list until it's too late.

    I think you're optimistic but we'll see.

    1. I intended to be optimistic in this writing for the main reason I truly believe we are at a tipping point away from the Democrats and their force fed social experimentation. I know you have an inherent pessimism about the state of things in America and I sympathize with you but have faith my brother. I am going to update this article shortly to give those I try to move into the optimism column and out of the pessimism one. There are early and many instances of this paradigm shift I speak and I will elucidate them more articulately for those to see what I am. Stay tuned my friend......

  2. Replies
    1. See my comment above sans the "pessimistic" comment unless of course you are too.

    2. From my friends over at "Every Blade of Grass" -- Admiral Yamamoto famously said "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a man with a rifle behind every blade of grass."