Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Democrat Cowardice

Whodat running out the back door?  Evie Hudak.  Whodat you ask?  She is the third Democrat in the great State of Colorado facing another historic recall effort against her for her brazen and ill conceived gun control grab.  Two democrats already lost their seats, and face when they thought they could impose their will, grab our guns and insult our intelligence all in one midnight move.

So, instead of standing up for her beliefs as the other two losers did when they stood and faced the music, she, rumor has it, will resign her seat in order to save it from falling into Republican hands which will tip the majority in their favor.

Where is all that outside money and leftist anti-gunners coming to her rescue?  Could it be because she is a woman?  The democrats may think that her resignation will guarantee a Democrat majority (1 seat) until the next election but the thing is, they will have to face the wrath of gun lover voters in the next election anyway.  Look for a little stronger showing from Republicans to take a large majority at that time.  Gotta love them Coloradans.


  1. Happy Thankgiving!
    I thank God you have some relief for your eye.

  2. Stupid touchpad. Thought I was at AOW earlier with that eye comment.
    Happyy Thankgiving, Rosie!