Monday, November 4, 2013

Naked and near defeat, Part IV

In the last installment of "Naked and Near Defeat, Part III" I pointed out that the whole premise of Obamacare to sustain itself is placed on the presumption that the age group 18-34 buy the policies that they do not need (nor want).  I marveled at the level of need placed on this age group that is surely meant to fail.  The trust in the young to sustain the old, at their expense.  Misguided trust given the very nature that today's youth are lazy (for the most part) and selfish beyond belief.  I guess that the Obama administration feel that they are stupid and pliable given the lefts indoctrination of children through college in our education centers.  I think the socialists actually believe they have spent decades molding these minds into good little collectivists.  They, after all, were the first to hit the streets to give the Occupy Wall Street movement, movement. 

It is not by chance that Obama, when his popularity began to dwindle back in 2009, he has attended so many of his appearances at Colleges across America.  He wasn't filling stadiums anymore, but filling an auditorium at a left leaning indoctrination center gave him the photo optics that he was still relevant.  Starting in January 2012, Obama increased his appearances on campus by 175%.  In fact, Obama has appeared on campus 1 out of every 10 days since his Administration began.  Yep, he is placing all his chips on this age group and it shows.

Again, Obamacare's success is placed on the backs of the young.  So, when they aren't taking some college course on different ways to achieve an orgasm or mix gender studies they are going to studiously going to reach into their wallets for the wealth redistribution efforts, right?  In my last installment I showed the study where college age kids were all for wealth redistribution, until it came to them.  They are generous with the 1%ers money, but not their own.  First, when Obama visited Iowa State University he boasted about his policy that allowed most of those in his audience to stay on their parents insurance plans.  Here, they look at it as more freebies because after all they aren't paying for it their parents are.  7 million youngsters in all when he gave that speech.  What he did not tell them though was they had to either be unemployed or underemployed to qualify.  Again, no problem for them.  At the time of that speech more than half of them, according to statistics were just that -- unemployed or underemployed.  For those who do work and do not qualify, or do not have parents that have insurance they saw their "college insurance" premiums skyrocket 1,112% because of Obamacare mandates.  Those who do have parents to cover them, their insurance rates increased by thousands of dollars.

What has Obama actually done for them?  Let's take a little look:

High unemployment or underemployment
Student loans increased by 25% under Obama
Job market that is decimated once they leave college

This means that once they are no longer on the parents teat, they will have to be on the Governments teat.  The only problem with that thought is it is them that Obama and the socialists are relying upon for their money to redistribute to those who are not healthy.

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