Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dear Leader has spoken

Forget about the "socialist slip" with Joe the Plumber when Obama said he should help the little guy on the ladder beneath him.  If there was any doubt what-so-ever about his Marxist/socialist proclivities it can now be put to rest.

Obama rode to the rescue on his great white steed today in jaw dropping fashion.  No only did he make it very clear that HIS idea (which of course wasn't) to allow us rubes to keep our policies, as he suggested but we misunderstood, but the manner in which he has placed the socialist yoke on the insurance industry was striking.

He has basically ordered them to accept his terms in such a way that will be utterly impossible to do but he has set them up to be the straw man when they can't.

Not only has he directed private and public companies to do his bidding but these were the very same ones that he demonized in the first place.  The arrogance he exhibited was astounding when he refused to even consider "dragging us back to the dark ages" in further talk of scrapping the law entirely.

Well, dear leader, the talk is still going on and it is coming a lot from your ranks.  Panic has set in and it won't go away because you wish it or order it to.  The first domino in many are about to fall and once it does the rest of those non scandals are going to come home to roost. 

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  1. Yes indeed, many more surprises are yet to come with Obamacare. I certainly hope the scandals will come home to roost. Obamacare is set up to fail. Obama, Reid, and others end game is a single payer system.