Friday, November 15, 2013

In spite of

In spite of Obama and his socialized plan for insurance reform the inherent American phenomena known as free markets are about to have a baby, and a really big baby at that.  A whopper.  I know what you are thinking, is Rosey getting stoned again?  Here me out.  Then you decide whether the free market system is set to run loose, like a pack or herd or whatever you call a large group of horses thundering over the meadowland.

This baby we will call "free market reform"!

OK, this is going to get a little lengthy because the whole Gordian knot is so intertwined I must untangle it with thought.

First, we as individuals have never had "free market insurance" of any kind.  Think about this for a moment.  The purse strings, money, and lots of it was all in the hands of the employer.  As long as we have been alive here in America we sought out employers, hopefully the largest and deepest pocketed one to gain the best coverage that their size and strength could leverage.  If you went to work for say, 3M and they had roughly 500,000 employees that they provide coverage for then you knew they could leverage better policies (groups of policies actually) for their employers than say, mom and pop restaurant who could not afford such luxuries.  These reason the employers provided healthcare, dental, vision, ADD&D, life, etc was to get the best workers the field could provide.  It was built into their "cost of doing business" models.  You would pay a percentage of the policy premiums and they would cover the rest. 

I don't know about all of you, but all my life I have always had a wary eye on my employer because they had my most sensitive health information by being the ones who provided the coverage. 

In spite of Obamacare employers have been looking for those tendrils to cut now they have the excuse to in order to save cost.  This is not evil, it is free market.  Why should an employer continue to pay, as a cost of doing business, anything when there is a new law of the land call Obamacare?

They shouldn't, and won't.

Mulling that over for awhile you now see that the money is shifting away from the employers and healthcare.  This is now a powerful dynamic.

Think about it, now that the employer has sent out those cancellations of employee coverage by either 1) cutting your hours in order to comply with the law so they don't have to provide the cost, or
2) cutting your access through them because they know that Obamacare will do it.

OK, remember that when all of us had these policies that "we wanted to keep" and no longer can they weren't free for us, were they?  No, some of us pay a hefty monthly expense out of our own paychecks (through payroll deductions).  This money will no longer be taken through electronic means and will be now retained by us, individually.

Sure, we don't have insurance at the moment but we are a little richer because we don't.  When I say a little richer I mean, a lot richer.  Most Americans that purchase these policies through your employer do so in groups, or types.  Medical, Dental, Life, ADD&D and so on.  In my case, my last employer was deducting $375.00 per month from my wages for the policy I chose for myself and my family.  That is a $4,500.00 a year raise.  That is $4,500.00 a year now in my pocket as an individual that will make my own decision of who get's that cold hard cash.  Free market.

No longer do the insurance companies woo big business for the business, they have to woo me as an individual.  They have to compete for my money, from me.  This is going to open up the medical insurance market wide open to competitiveness we have not seen, ever.  HMO's will have to compete with Dr. Silver who has a private practice down the street.  This correction of free markets will be huge and just another example of American exceptionalism.  No longer will the government, big businesses and lobbyists control 1/6th of the entire economy.  We will.

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