Monday, November 11, 2013

Obamacare's lack of enthusiasm

Obama's media machines have been in overdrive ever since the idea of the law was uttered from his lips to God's ears (and ours).  He has lied to everyone who doesn't have Cochlear implants and those too that this law is what is right for us because He knows better than we.  In spite of all of the money, effort and "campaign style" messaging to improve our understanding that it is just right for us the law has remained an unpopular idea and product.  Poll after poll after poll after poll has shown that the level of Americans who do not want or need His healthcare reformed social engineered belief system has not moved one iota upward in Obama's favor.  Not one!

What is wrong with us.  He has spent and spent, talked and talked, lied and lied and yet he knows what is right for us.  He has even apologized on our behalf that we didn't understand him well enough to know that the millions who have lost or soon to lose those policies are really what is best.  You know, what we have chosen.

The Ponzi scheme of Obamacare is predicated upon the absolute need for the young and healthy to pay into the system up front to take care of the sick and old today.  We have heard all the news reports of the Obamacare website challenges (de-emphasization added by me) but what about those State exchanges with their own websites that have eagerly awaited the great Ones program? 

"President Barack Obama's healthcare reform has reached only about 3 percent of its enrollment target for 2014 in 12 U.S. states where new online health insurance marketplaces are mostly working smoothly, a report released on Monday said.

States with functioning exchanges have signed up 49,100 people compared with the 1.4 million people expected to be enrolled for 2014, according to the report by healthcare research and consultancy firm Avalere Health." -- Reuters

I say we have a lack of enthusiasm for Obamacare but then again we always have.

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