Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can we ever "walkback" a "walkback"?

There have been many instances in the news these days where someone of a political stripe or media worthy individual has said something in the media (either MSM or social media) and has had to "walkback" their comments.  This is the climate in which we live.  After all we have free speech rights and with those rights come consequences that compel those who have spoken to try to unspeak them.

I think two of those recent examples of walk backs were done out of sheer political pressure mixed with a good dose of "political correctness" thrown in.

The examples I am about to give now, in hindsight, actually did not require a walk back at all because the statements made were spot on true.  Also, in retrospect, they also provide another nail in the coffin of the Obama Administrations' parade of lies as well as lawlessness that is quickly coming to a point of public prosecution at the least and civil prosecution at the worst.

Example one:

CNN - Rep. Joe Wilson shocked many observers Wednesday night when he shouted, "You lie!" after the president denied that health care legislation would provide free coverage for illegal immigrants."

Why does anyone think that our elitist leaders are pushing so hard, right now, especially right now, to pass "immigration reform" (aka amnesty).  Because if they do not, then the only hope for Obamacare to be salvaged is to sign up all those illegals who, if Congressional Republicans as well as Democrats are trying to legalize.  It is a "Joe Wilson" self fulfilling prophesy.  Paul Ryan is now pushing hard to help in this passage.  Paul freekin Ryan.

Joe Wilson had walked back his outburst.

Example two:

Conservatives were outspoken in 2009 when the White House moved the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department to the, er, White House.  Now, it appears that they were correct in their fears because the NY Post ran a story that exploded the news that the unemployment numbers one month prior to the election were falsified.  Election fraud?  IRS targeting conservatives?  Benghazi Gate?  Fast & Furious?

Instead of a "walk back"  how about a "perp walk"!

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