Saturday, November 2, 2013

Naked and near defeat, Part II

There are many examples to bolster my optimism that there is a paradigm shift about to occur in America.  One that will bury those who have been feverously working to "fundamentally transform" this country into a third world country status.  One that is eroding individual freedoms and destroying the fabric of Capitalism as we know it.  First you must gauge the sudden but pronounced "uptick" in critical reporting of Obamacare by none other than the MSM.  I sat in my living room (my residence not America's Living Room) this morning watching PBS and Gwen Eiffel rip to shreds the whole shebang.  This would not have been possible if not for the glaring truth of what Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and those bold and brave conservatives have said all along.  Don't get me wrong, the MSM is choking back their bile because they know he was right all along though they haven't admitted that yet. 

Not only are we witnessing the liberal water carriers turn against Obama, Reid, Pelosi et, al on Obamacare but we are now seeing them vocalize the other scandals that have been suppressed by them and this Administration.  NBC was to break the recent Benghazi revelation.  The floor beneath this lawless and reckless Administration is weakening by the day and as I noted in the first of Naked and near defeat it is about to crash.  Not only will Obamacare be defunded by a bipartisan group of legislators but that will be just domino number one.  The other domino's will start to fall in rapid succession after.  IRS, Benghazi, NSA and a whole host of others that may end in a legal indictment of Obama himself by a special prosecutor.  When the first falls and the President, Holder and his minions are weakened and exposed from all sides and their every move scrutinized by even the MSM will make it impossible for them to utilize their thuggish brand of Chicago politics again.

I will leave you today with a "guest editorial" I just read in the New York Observer titled -- A Liberal's frustration with Obamacare. 

"I’ve tried five times, by logging into the website and by talking to representatives. Each time I sign up, I’m stymied by a new absurdity. At one point, I was told that everyone but my wife was eligible for coverage, though she’s an American citizen. Another time, I was told that my immigration papers couldn’t be verified. Immigration? I was born in New York. Do New Yorkers need green cards now? Another time, my six-year-old somehow became the primary applicant. At least she earns nothing, so maybe that will lower my costs.

“Something’s not right,” the representative told me when the computer listed my daughter, Naomi, as the responsible applicant, before giving up and telling me to try again later. On top of that, I’ve had to enter my information anew each time I’ve applied (though supposedly my information is saved from session to session), in each case wasting an hour or more of my time. And the representatives I’ve spoken with seem to have been trained by Elmer Fudd or Mr. Magoo. They can’t even read their prepared scripts, don’t know the difference between optional information and required information, and seem hopelessly baffled by the system."

" I did talk to a rep. (lots of reading time while she stared at the computer screen for me) – and she was nice, but I think stymied by the changes made from one day to another. So far, I have an account and an application, and a message from that I cannot retrieve. I’ve tried changing my password but it won’t let me. … I don’t see how they can possibly fine people who have not signed up with a system like this. I’m trying – but I don’t have one hundred solid hours to give over to this."

“I got through the whole thing but the screen with my ‘eligibility results’ came up blank which gave me an uncomfortable feeling. The rep I spoke to assured me that my information was in the system even though she couldn’t see it because their system was down. She asked if I wanted to give her the information again (even though “it’s in the system”) and when I asked what would be the point of that, she said: I don’t know.”

"In the meantime, perhaps the administration should just farm out the website to people who can assuredly deliver, such as or Anything to prevent Ted Cruz from having the last laugh."

Notice the Ted Cruz comment.  They know he is right and has been all along.

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