Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obama's early lies

The media has had so many chances to do investigative reporting on the man who became President without any of us knowing who or what he was.  If they would have explored just a little this President and the Democrats would have been exposed and most of what is happening today could have been averted.

For instance, when Nanci Pelosi and the Democrats were asked by the media if she read the Obamacare law she laughed and boldly told them that everyone could find out what it says when it is passed into law.  Well, it was passed by the Democrats alone and to this day they (media) haven't read it or interpreted it's intent.  The media was more interested in carrying Obama's water than serving as watchdogs to the masters designs.

This has been the case since before he was elected and started spouting his lies, distortions, deflections and deviations. 

We do know, from conservative sources, that Obama began his political career in the living room of his Hyde Park, Chicago neighbor Bill Ayres.  The very house in which the Obama's resided in that Hyde Park neighborhood was purchased from Tony Rezco the convicted felon.

I speak of these early revelations of the type of individuals that the chronic and habitual liar we have come to know in Obama to amplify the media's malpractice in investigative reporting and to show that Obama is still engaged in the Chicago way of politics in spite of the fact that many of his longtime friends are now behind bars yet he still remains behind the "Resolute Desk" in the oval office.

The closest we came to exposing the high crimes and misdemeanors of Obama was in late 2007 and early 2008 when his Senate seat was up for sale, literally.  If Obama got his way back then we would have seen the following:

1.  Valerie Jarrett would have slid into his Illinois Senate seat instead of the White House advisory job she ultimately accepted.
2.  Rod Blagojevich would have slid into the Cabinet post (HHS) instead of Kathleen Sebelius.
3.  Jesse Jackson, Jr. would still be going to jail after his attempt to buy Obama's Senate seat for unrelated corruption charges.

Remember the term "pay for play" that was coined during the Blagojevich trial.  It described the Chicago way of politics that switch political office holder seats, or appoints cronies and those who have allowed themselves to be extorted for political cash into other posts.

How is this different from the "pay for play" scenarios that have been visible so many times in this administration?  Ambassador posts for Obama contributors, cushy jobs for Wall Street insiders that provided contributions to Democrat causes and no-bid contracts to friends of the Obama's that are at the root of the Obamacare website portal mess.

In spite of the rash of felons being perp walked into prison for this very dynamic in the State of Illinois it is business as usual in the WH.  I think I would be as bold knowing I had the media behind me as well as a political lackey at the head of Justice.

Obama wasn't in office but a short time when the revelation that his staff was in secret discussions to place Jarrett in his old Senate seat.  Obama denied this of course (one of his earliest lies) when Rahm Emannuel had already gone in front of camera's to explain he had.  The whole thing was washed away when Obama's WH counsel Greg Craig performed an "internal investigation" and issued a report of findings that basically said nothing to see here, move along.

Greg Craig if you recall had a resume at the time that showed:

1.  Represented John Hinckley, Jr. that resulted in an acquittal of attempted assassination based on mental reasons.
2.  Special Counsel to Bill Clinton directing the defense against impeachment.
3.  Represented the father of Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez that resulted in the boy being returned to Cuba.
4.  Represented UN Secretary General Kofi Anan during the "oil for food" scandal (another pay to play scenario).
and wait for it........
5.  Represented  In 1977, he represented the first FBI agent ever to be indicted, John J. Kearney, who was accused of illegal wiretapping breaking and entering and mail opening in connection with the FBI investigation of the Weatherman.

There's that pesky weatherman connection again with Obama.

I believe that the domino's are about to fall as it pertains to Obama.  Too many lies and too much treachery against the country that he purports to defend and represents.  Perhaps the fundamental transformation can meet it's abrupt and timely end soon.  The investigative journalism to follow in all things connected and surrounding Obama will reach many and hopefully set back those who have succeeded in destroying our constitutional freedoms for a more sinister socialist model of Alinsky and carried out in the Cloward-Piven strategy.

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