Wednesday, November 20, 2013

While Obama sing's his legacy sinks

Michelle Obama sat for an interview with BET and said BHO is a man with Swag -- The interview was with media powerhouse Bow Wow!

Mrs. Obama also said that the president of the United States "sings all the time." She continued, "Oh, yes, he’s in the bathroom all the time just singing."

Either she is trying to put on a brave face in light of the never ending scandals, crises' and sheer panic from everyone one the left and those who carry their water, or they (Obama's) are living in an alter reality of fantasy and lollipops.

Right next to this headline on Drudge was the latest CBS poll that indicates the singing man's approval rating is now down to 37%.  Obamacare polls have also dropped to 31% approve and 61% disapprove.

When you look back at a CBS poll result for GW Bush's final approval rating it was at 22%.  Interestingly they also said the following about Obama:

"As for the incoming president, the CBS News poll also asked about expectations of President-elect Barack Obama. Sixty-eight percent think Mr. Obama will be a good or very good president - 25 points higher than expectations for Mr. Bush.

Nine in 10 Democrats expect Mr. Obama to be a good president, including 48 percent who think he will be a "very good" one. Republicans are less hopeful, but 38 percent still say Mr. Obama will be a good president.

How long will it take for Obama to surpass the other prolific government spending big government President?

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  1. "Oh, yes, he’s in the bathroom all the time just singing."

    Of course he is. I always KNEW he was FULL OF SHIT!! This just proves it!