Saturday, November 9, 2013

Time for a Rinoplasty

Let’s just put aside a moment the ever mounting list of lies that Obama has coming out of his mouth.  There is a gage that monitors all of them which is called the “Pinocchio meter”.  The more lies told, the longer the nose grows.

I think it is time to put a spotlight on the prominent proboscis that the Republican Establishment has been growing also.  It is time for a Rinoplasty.

The establishment Republicans have lost their way a long time ago and we are now being told that they are in it to win it (meaning the Senate and White House).  The only way that their advisors advise us, is to do it with a big tent and bipartisan cooperation with a moderate, middle of the road, tack. 

They say it is the only way.  This tack brought us losing Presidential candidates the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney.  Tell me how that moderation went for you, yet you keep insisting it’s the only way to win.

So what is the NRSC saying these days?  On November 5th, Brad Dayspring (NRSC Strategist) – “Our mission is simple: winning. That means conservatives. That means pro-biz that means Tea Party. EVERYONE.”
The nose get’s longer and longer.

It is time for a Rinoplasty.
Let’s ask Ken Cuccinelli.  The New York Times explains the moderate GOP leaders this way – “The party leaders pushing for changes want to replace state caucuses and conventions, like the one that nominated Mr. Cuccinelli, with a more open primary system that they believe will draw a broader cross-section of Republicans and produce more moderate candidates.”

I know we should take whatever the NYT espouses because they have a prominent proboscis as any other in recent memory but there is a truth to it.
They report that an open primary will draw a broader cross-section of “moderate” candidates.  This, at first glance appears to grow their noses longer because the NRSC website clearly states “Dedicated to building aConservative Senate!”

Once again, the nose grows.
You don’t have to look much further past the NRSC’s snub of Cuccinelli to see past the lies.  The NRSC backed two other candidates recently, over a more conservative choice.  The first was none other than Arlen Specter.  You remember him.  In April 2009 he was up for re-election in Pennsylvania.  What did the NRSC do?  The Senate Republican campaign operation formally voiced its support for Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter in a letter to Keystone State Republicans asking them to support the incumbent in his 2010 re-election bid.

Specter is facing a tough primary campaign as more conservative members of the GOP are lining up to defeat him in the states April 2010 primary.” – WSJ

Specter defected to the Democrats in an attempt to keep his Senate seat.  He lost to Joe Sestak (D) in the primaries and then to Pat Toomey (Conservative R).

It is wise to remember that Specter was a longtime Democrat before switching to Republican (Moderate R).

The other moderate candidate that the NRSC backed was Charlie Crist (Moderate R) from Florida. 

When Crist lost to Marco Rubio (Conservative R) of Tea Party fame he then pulled a “Specter” and switched parties to the Democrat side. 

Crist said the following after defeated by Rubio and switch hitting -- In August of this year, Crist announced his support for Mr. Obama’s reelection, and scored himself a prime speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

“What changed is the leadership of the Republican Party,” Crist told the Tampa Bay Times in a phone interview Friday night. “As I said at the convention, I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me. Whether the issue was immigration, or education, or – you name it – the environment. I feel at home now.”The RightScoop

So, after Presidential candidates McCain and Romney and Senate Candidates Specter and Crist the only thing that is more prominent on their proboscis is blood.

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