Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama apologizes that YOU misunderstood HIM

The non apology is classic.  He apologized that we rubes didn't understand the law enough to know they had our best interest at hart though their words betrayed it.

This of course is another lie that sits atop yet another he gave when he told Americans that any bill or law that made his way through Congress will be debated and the text will be put out there for all to read.  So the debates between Republicans never happened as they were shut out of negotiations every step of the way and told this is the result of the election.  They won, you lost.  Next, the bill was placed out for all to see at the very last moment without anyone, including Congressional Repubes to see what it said.  When Democrat Nanci Pelosi was asked, she said laughingly that she would find out after it was passed along with the Public.

So, when the President apologizes that we weren't smart enough to know that they know better about our healthcare it was mainly due to the above mentioned dynamics.  Most of all it was passed in the dead of night without any comments or debates and then signed into law without any lawmakers (the ones who crafted it also) knowing its contents.

So, Mr. President you can keep your hollow words of contrition because we still aren't buying your snake oil salesman lies.  You have no credibility nor do you have any integrity.

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  1. It definitely was a non-apology. What he needed to apologize for was the enormity of his lie to the American people. He doubled down on that one.