Thursday, January 28, 2010

The “buck stops with me”!

His “buck” as well as America’s, is worthless!

The President has uttered these words on multiple occasions now. The first time was on

July 15, 2008 on Larry King Live when he said the following:

“Sen. Barack Obama said that if he's elected president in November, he will seek input from military commanders on the Iraq war and the fighting in Afghanistan. "But ultimately, the buck stops with me," he told CNN's "Larry King Live" in a wide-ranging interview Tuesday.”

Then on March 18, 2009 amid the AIG bonus controversy this is what he said:

"Just as outrageous is the culture that these bonuses are a symptom of, that has existed for far too long: excess greed, excess compensation, excess risk-taking," he said.

The president said he wants legislation providing greater regulation of financial institutions like AIG so taxpayers won't be left "holding the bag" when companies fail.

"As we work toward getting ourselves out of the recession, I hope that Wall Street and the marketplace doesn't think that we can return to business as usual," he said.

"The buck stops with me," Obama told reporters.

Obama also said he has "complete confidence" in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, whose handling of the situation with AIG has come under harsh criticism in Congress.

Obama said that Geithner has been "making all the right moves in playing a bad hand."

Then on January 7, 2010 he told reporters the following when addressing the US Intelligence failures surrounding the “Christmas Day” terror attack:

“President Barack Obama declared Thursday "the buck stops with me" for the nation's security, taking responsibility for failures that led to the near-disastrous Christmas attack on a Detroit-bound airliner and vowing the problems would be corrected. He said the lapses were widespread but suggested no officials would be fired.”

OK, we get it now. In regards to military, economic and terror related issues Obama admits that the failures are his responsibility as “the buck stops with him”!

Last night during the “State of the Union” it appears that that “buck” is being passed along to everyone except the President. For instance – “At the beginning of the last decade, the year 2000, America had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. (Applause.) By the time I took office, we had a one-year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. All this was before I walked in the door. (Laughter and applause.)”

He blames Republicans for stalling health care when Republicans were powerless to stop it with the majority in the House and the Super Majority in the Senate. He blames partisan bickering for hostile climates that have stalled his agenda, again I refer to the above majorities the Democrats have.

No, it does not appear that Obama believes he is responsible for his massive failures while in office that are due to the radical nature that most Americans do not want, or need. It is a lack of imagination and a lack of accountability that fuels this megalomaniac who blames America first before making a modest token of words of his responsibility that no one believes.

It is apparent that "Obama's money" is worthless!

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