Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekend at Bernies, Part II

Ted Kennedy and his Senate seat are still dead

When the democrats defied the country and openly chastised the tea party movement that grew into the largest grassroots effort against their healthcare policies, Ted Kennedy died.

What, up until that point was called “Obamacare” was quickly turned into “the Kennedy Healthcare bill” in the Democrats desperate bid to salvage public discourse by applying a “pity factor” by trying to cash in on his name.

Now, next Tuesday, the special election is being held to fill his empty seat. Martha Coakley and Scott Brown are in a virtual dead heat and the Democrats are panicked, again (shades of Virginia and New Jersey dancing in their empty heads).

I find it fitting that the voters (the very constituents that fill the tea party ranks and the ones the Democrats berate and ignore) may vote in a Republican, in Massachusetts no less.

The Democrats are flooding the state with cash for negative Brown ads. The Democrats are flooding to Coakley’s side in campaign support from Obama. Obama did the same in New Jersey and look what happened.

The most telling help that the Democrats sent to Coakley to help get out her message was in the form of man who pushed a “Weekly Standard” reporter to the ground when he attempted to ask her a question at a fundraiser. It was so much like an SEIU attended thug fest event that in less than a week after his assaulting the reporter he was fired, but not before the message he was sent to help with turned out to be:

“If you ask our candidate any question we don’t like, we’ll hit you and keep on hitting till your go down”.

I would say there is panic in the air.

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