Sunday, January 10, 2010

Obama finally states “We are at War with al-Qaida”

But, does he mean it?

I have written ad-nauseum about:

1. The level of inexperience of Obama’s Intelligence Cabinet.
2. That Obama has a pre-911 mentality in all his policies regarding the war and on terror and there is no such thing as “the war on terror” with them.
3. All man-made disasters or overseas contingency operations handled by law enforcement.

There are so many examples to prove these points, but in the manner of expediency for the reader, I will stick to the recent Christmas day bombing plot.

After three days of absolute silence from the US President on the attempted plot (after all he was on Vacation, not reading to a bunch of school children) Obama weighed in on the subject. The President insisted that there was no larger plot here and “referred to the "alleged" bomber as a "suspect" and "an isolated extremist."

After Obama returned from Hawaii the atmosphere was a little too hot for the President to handle and was forced to hold another one of those pesky “address the nation” thingies because his Cabinet level people were out there embarrassing the hell out of him by saying things like “The System Worked” (Napolitano on Dec 27th) and “We had snippets of information …. We may have had a partial name. We might have had an indication of a Nigerian. But there was nothing that brought it all together.” (John Brennan Dec 27th).

At the same time the “blagosphere” was connecting dots like crazy. We really need to keep a bright light on the facts here and question HOW, after 3 days after the Christmas day attack, could the President get it so wrong?

The facts are emerging at an alarming rate that the Intelligence agencies had the bombers name prior to the attack. These same people who had the name, spelled it wrong! Then, on the same day that Brennan and Napolitano were making a mockery of the term “intelligence” on December 27th the Administration decided to close our embassy in Yemen and transfer our intelligence information to them along with military aid.

The only foothold or operational intelligence base to work from was shuttered. Now that is pro-active in the fight against the al-Qaida base in Yemen.

In the manner of the Clinton Administration’s treating al-Qaida terror as a “law enforcement” issue the Obama Administration arrested Mutallab in the midst of his “singing like a canary.” Once he obtained an NYU attorney, he shut his mouth.

We can cite a prime example of how wrong this is when we refer to the blind sheik (first twin tower bombing) and his lawyer Lynn Stewart. Stewart, if you remember was convicted of passing information from her client of terror to his followers.

The real reason for the systematic failure of our intelligence agencies can be traced back to Obama’s second day in office when he took away the CIA’s ability, and only tool, to interrogate terrorists.

In addition to this tool that Obama took away from the CIA, he quickly announced his “war on the CIA” to begin probes into CIA personnel who had previously interrogated terrorists. Talk about a “chilling effect”!

If Obama was serious that we are at war with al-Qaida as he announced on January 7th, then why did we bestow civil rights to a known al-Qaida operative? If Obama was serious that we are at war with al-Qaida, then why are we trying the worse al-Qaida operatives we had in military custody to NY for civil trials?

War is war and those captured on the battlefield (where ever that may be) should be handled by our military, in their custody.

The Obama Administration is either deliberately endangering Americans in a misguided ideology or they are guilty of incompetent malfeasance to the level that is unprecedented in our history (at least back to the Clinton Administration).

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