Monday, January 18, 2010

The people’s seat!

Democrat’s ties MA election to health care bill passage!

By now you have heard a whole host of prominent Democrats who have directly tied the MA special election (Ted Kennedy) and the passage of the unpopular and unwanted health care bill.

“BOSTON - Voter disenchantment in liberal Massachusetts with President Barack Obama's policies has turned a Senate election into a nail-biter that could imperil U.S. healthcare reform.” - Reuters

I wrote an article last week that pointed out the huge mistake the socialists were making in using the threat that the bill would die if Brown successfully beats Coakley. The gist of the article was that the majority of Americans (65%) across the country do not want this bill, but, more importantly Massachusetts do not want it either because they have already been forced to adopt Universal Health Care already (since 2006).

The stupidity of this Democrat tactic will back fire. The Democrats have tried to tie Obamacare early on with Ted Kennedy before and after he died. They renamed the bill after Kennedy died to bear his name to try to harness sympathy for their unwanted legislation. At every turn the Democrats have been seen as ignoring the will of the constituencies across the country to shove this legislation down our throats against the major opposition.

The trouble for Coakley is not contained solely to the health care bill though. She has problems that date back to her on the job performance as Attorney General that are haunting her. In addition, when it looked like Brown would overtake her in the polls, she fled to Washington, DC to attend a massive fundraising event on her behalf by major “lobby groups”. She has also received a major influx of ACORN help on the ground which is being closely watched for illegal tactics that the group is known for. There is also the problem of Democrat corruption as “three consecutive former Massachusetts House speakers have been indicted and three state senators have resigned in disgrace in the past two years for various infractions.”

Now, the Democrats are panicked and scared that there is a real possibility that the heavily liberal enclave of Massachusetts will, for the first time since 1970 elect a republican and has brought Obama out of the White House to MA to stump for Coakley. The President’s first stop, a campaign rally, was indicative of what lay ahead as he was heckled at the University where the event was taking place.

It didn’t help much either that before the President arrived, Coakley’s campaign operative shoved a reporter from the Weekly Standard to the ground and the assault was caught on camera.

Amid the backdrop of this drama that is unfolding, in true democrat style, they have vowed to force the bill through on a procedure known as “reconciliation” that will allow the bill passage with only 51 votes. In addition, the Secretary of State has also said that if Brown wins he will delay the certification of the Republican until after the bill is passed.

So, the Democrats are on record that ties the MA election directly to Health Care passage. If Brown wins "the peoples seat" and is delayed being certified while Congress utilized the “reconciliation” procedure while the majority of Americans are firmly against it, it will begin a voter backlash that we have never witnessed before.


  1. Howdy,

    Dirty tricks and deceitful politics have been around well before we were a glimmer in our parents thoughts. Yet; the current steamroller is hell bent on perfecting the pancaking of "WE THE PEOPLE".

    First; I hope Brown wins.

    Second; I hope the folks of Mass. hold him to task and represent the People's Seat.

    Yah gotta real nice room here, iffen you don't throw a "NO TRESPASSING" sign up, I will be back to flick a bit of prose back and forth.


  2. Welcome Jadedfellow the door is always open as is a spot "on the couch"! Thanks for visiting and the nice comment.