Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama the Liar!

As you are aware, the Constitution of the United States has established 3 separate and distinct branches of government that are equal in power -- The Executive Branch (President), The Judicial Branch (The Supreme Court of the US) and the Legislative Branch (Congress & Senate).

In the first year of this President the two other branches of government have had instances where they have called or implied that the Chief Executive is a liar.

The first incident was when the President was addressing "the Joint Session of Congress" (which is normally scheduled for major issues and not for pending legislation such as Health Care).  Joe Wilson's shouting "you lie" to the statement of Obama that the bill did not contain a provision covering illegal aliens brought much consternation from the MSM as well as the Democratic and Republicans alike.

The second instance  was during the "State of the Union" when Obama attacked the recent SCOTUS decision that overturned portions of the McCain/Feingold law.  More specifically was Obama's comment that the ruling would allow foreign corporaions to flood the elections with heaps of compaign contributions.  Justice Alito did not verbalize his disagreement but mouthed, silently, "not true" which was caught on camera.

In the first instance Wilson did breach the professional decorum of the House with his outburst, but it does not diminish the fact that Obama lied.

In the second instance, again, the President was untruthful as well as disrespectful towards the SCOTUS members who sat directly in front of his "podium".

That said, both instances of untruthful words are fact.  It is one thing to be addressing a group of people in an "unscripted" speech and get your facts wrong because it happens.  Then again it is something quite different when you have an army of fact checkers and speech writers that prepare your speeches, aided by a teleprompter and get facts wrong.  This show's malice of untruth.

To compound these two acts of brazen dishonesty, Obama has already racked up quite of litany of untruthful declarations, promises and utterances on many different fronts.

The crediblity gap is widening between the public at large and the dishonest in chief.

In a court of law, if your testimony is untruthful or you have a history of falsifying facts (lying) then your credibility is "impeached" and your words are given absolutely "no weight".  This is what Obama is currently suffering.

Obama's credibility has been impeached so many times by the lies, distortions and fantasy he has created out of whole cloth like the man he cited that was refused medical treatment by insurers (only to find he had insurance) or his staff handing out "lab coats" for his manufactured White House doctor roundup.  The American public simply does not trust his words or actions any more.

The arrogance that the President exhudes that his words are still golden in itself is insulting because he continues to speak down to us as children.

His disdain for the Constitution is evident and his oath to defend it in question.  It will be interesting to view the upcoming Blagojevich trial when Obama is called to testify.  How much weight will his words carry and how much trouble will the President have if Blago implicates him and his Cabinet members Rahm and Jarrett?

The lies have piled up and with all liars, he will have a hard time keeping them straight.

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