Sunday, January 10, 2010

Obama shares Intelligence and Military aid against al-Qaida with Yemen!

Now what is Yemen doing about it?

First, Government of Yemen strongly states that our military presence is neither wanted nor is it needed (just give us the money!) for the fight against al-Qaida in Yemen.

Now, we learn that the President of Yemen has declared he is open to “opening a dialogue” with the terror organization.

According to the President of Yemen “"Dialogue is the best way ... even with al-Qaida, if they set aside their weapons and return to reason," he said in an interview with Abu Dhabi TV aired late Saturday. "We are ready to reach (an) understanding with anyone who renounces violence and terrorism."

It appears that we are giving all of our intelligence to a “talking” man of Obama’s caliber.

Hold on, we are in for a bumpy summer.

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