Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cut and Run strategy of the Socialist cowards

Gordon (Islam)Brown(nose) and the Girly men of the Obama Administration run and cower in the face of perceived al-Qaida threats to Yemen Embassies.

If there were ever a signal that the West is truly a paper tiger and that al-Qaida is strong enough to send up packing by a mere threat then this is it.

Appeasement cannot be denied in the recent announcement of closure. In true form and just like the UN fled Bagdad after their hotel was bombed the Brits under Brown and America under Obama have just sealed our fate to further attacks.

According to Yahoo news – “President Barack Obama's top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, cited "indications al-Qaida is planning to carry out an attack against a target" in the capital, possibly the embassy, and estimated the group had several hundred members in Yemen. Security reasons led Britain to act, too; it was not known when the embassies would reopen.”

As to whether U.S. troops might be sent to Yemen, Brennan replied: "We're not talking about that at this point at all." He pledged to provide the Yemeni government with "the wherewithal" to take down al-Qaida.

Britain and the United States are assisting a counterterrorism police unit in Yemen as fears grow about the increasing threat of international terrorism originating from the country."

The only Democrat that has the right answer to this cowardly decision is Joe Lieberman who said the following – “"We've got to focus there pre-emptively, and I'm confident we will," said Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut.”

I guess the notion of “pre-emptive” to the socialists is to run and hide. The indications that Obama and Brown intend to handle this as “just another 7/11 robbery” is due to their ideas, expressed by John Brennan as follows – “The U.S. and Britain are funding a counterterrorism police unit in Yemen, and Britain plans to host an international conference Jan. 28 to come up with a strategy to counter radicalization in Yemen.”

They intend to beef up their police force and then sit down and talk (as usual).

Finally, in addition to the pre-9/11 appeasement strategy they are still active on the release of the 90+ Guantanamo inmates back to Yemen! Brennan said as much Sunday when he explained – “The U.S. will look case by case at whether to repatriate the remaining approximately 90 Yemeni detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, Brennan said.

Seven of 42 Guantanamo detainees freed by the Obama administration were returned to Yemen, Brennan said, but doubts about the country's ability to police further freed detainees is a major obstacle to Obama's plan to shut down the facility. Brennan reaffirmed the U.S. administration's support for the closure, but said that with regard to the Yemeni detainees, nothing would be done to put U.S. citizens at risk.”

The one obstacle to remove is the “American risk factor” and once the embassies are closed, voila, no more Americans in harms way which clears the way to repatriate these killers. How nice.

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