Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Obama “Pivot”!

Back to health care!

After a collective sigh of relief (even from Democrats) Political pundits, cable news and regular Americans have all been talking about the impending pivot to address jobs. The talk has been about how Clinton, after the “Hillarycare” defeat, admitted the will of the people and pivoted to economic issues. Everyone say the deft move to the center that Clinton did and fully expect Obama to mimic the move.

The buzz about the “Obama impending pivot” is expected to come in the President’s first “State of the Union”, until today.

According to Newsmax – “President Barack Obama and top congressional Democrats insist they will push ahead with efforts to overhaul healthcare, though they aren't explaining how they will proceed in that uphill fight.”

"There are things that have to get done. This is our best chance to do it. We can't keep on putting this off," Obama said Friday at a town hall meeting in Elyria, Ohio, warning listeners that spiraling medical costs threaten to bankrupt them and the country unless Congress acts.

"I am not going to walk away just because it's hard," the president said.”

"I understand that, why after the Massachusetts election people in Washington were all in a tizzy, trying to figure out what this means for health reform, Republicans and Democrats: What does it mean for Obama? Is he weakened? Is he, oh, how's he going to survive this?" Obama said. "But I want you to understand, this is not about me. This is about you."

Lawmakers ended the week with no clear path, though aides promised to work through the weekend to look for a compromise, possibly one that could allow the Senate to act with a simple majority instead of the 60-vote supermajority Democrats now lack.”

Dick Morris who has been a strong critic of the legislation has put together a list of your leaders who voted for the bill and are vulnerable to constituent pressure ala Massachusetts:

“Here is a list of twenty-three Democrats who voted for Obamacare and who are vulnerable in 2010. Its time to turn up the heat on them”:

• Harry Mitchell of Arizona
• Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona
• Alan Grayson of Florida
• Mark Schauer of Michigan
• Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire
• Mike Arcuri of New York
• Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio
• Kathy Dahlkemper of Pennsylvania
• Christopher Carney of Pennsylvania
• Tom Perriello of Virginia
• Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona
• Baron Hill of Indiana
• Dina Titus of Nevada
• John Hall of New York
• Stephen Driehaus of Ohio
• Paul Kanjorsky of Pennsylvania
• Dan Maffei of New York
• Allan Mollohan of West Virginia
• Nick Rahall of West Virginia
• Steve Kagen of Wisconsin
• Marion Berry of Arkansas
• John Spratt of Georgia
• Zack Space of Ohio

These are legislators that need to “rehear” the anger that propelled Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy’s seat and the anger that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are continuing to ignore.

When Obama stated “"But I want you to understand, this is not about me. This is about you." He obviously did not understand the anger was about him but also about us getting our message across in a way, the only way that they understand – through loss of power.


  1. Don't you just LOVE Dick Morris?? I posted a list like this a few months ago after he appeared on Hannity, listing those Senators whose votes we could sway. Great job here!

    Thanks for the comment @ my blog, & for the follow. Keep up the nice work - & thanks for your service to our country.

  2. My pleasure! We need to keep up the pressure on these nitwits and then vote them out after we intimidate them because after all it took extra-ordinary effort to get them to do the right thing all along. They cannot be relied up.

    I hear that JD Hayworth is going for McCains seat. That would be a great addition to the Conservative team.