Saturday, January 23, 2010

The mask is off!

Where can they get more money?

The “crisis” that the Democrats and Obama Administration have been pitching regarding health care didn’t end up panning out. For all the talk of immediate need for reform in the Health care field and the full court press to “fix” it quickly then why would the effects (except immediate taxation) of the bill not take place for 4 years?

The answer, money! The Democrats, who agenda is sorely starved of any cash in our coffers, needed money, now! They invented a crisis, which was no crisis according to the American public.

They remembered the Democrats first crisis - banks and the money it costs us to bail them out.

Now, the day after the Democrats and this Administration were made painfully aware, health care taxes would not be flooding into their greedy little hands anytime soon. This cash cow has died before producing any milk for them to take and finance further socialist programs. What to do?

Plan B

The demonization of the Insurance Companies almost worked flawlessly in their health care ponzi scheme so why not switch gears to the place where a lot of new money has arrived – banks (repayment of bailout money). They intent to rob the banks of the money that they failed to get through taxation of the little people.

The money that our government loaned to the banks didn’t actually exist, it was created out of whole cloth from a journal entry made on the books, but, the money that was repaid is real.

With the Massachusetts election of Scott brown the Democrats and the White House are in full panic mode because the ability to “filibuster” is now real and stands directly in the way of their plans to reap as much money as possible to spend on their socialist agenda.

The first crack in the plan is that now, Ben Bernanke’s reconfirmation is in serious doubt. His support of everything that Obama has tried to accomplish through this generational theft has been instrumental. In addition, there has been overwhelming bi-partisan support in the House to audit this “non-governmental”, powerful institution we call the Federal Reserve. Representative Ron Paul has made this his political life’s goal to open those books which the House has never been permitted to do so. In addition, there seems to be roughly $13 trillion dollars missing which is adding to the urgency to look into their books. This crisis of missing money is more urgent than anything that the Democrats have been touting for health care urgency and has more support than that bill ever had, yet it is being blocked from seeing the light of day in spite of the massive bi-partisan co-sponsorship from both parties.

When it appeared that Obama was not getting his 4 years of tax infusion for health care, the day after the brown election, Obama switched gears to tax the banks for billions and billions of dollars. The result was a 400+ drop in the stock exchange in two days by the mere mention of his plan.

Make no mistake about it this recent development is to grab cash that they expected from health care taxes from bank vaults.

If you will recall, most banks did not want the TARP money and the Obama administration held a gun to their head and forced it upon them. Then when the “strings attached” rules became apparent, the banks went to repay these forced loans quickly and what did the Obama administration do, refused to allow them to repay the loans quickly. Now that the loans are repaid and the banks are out from under the governments yoke, Obama wants to tax them back into submission.

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