Thursday, January 14, 2010

MA voters will draw a line in the sand

Why Coakley will lose!

I wrote an article on my blog and titled it “Weekend at Bernies, II” because of the Democrats attempts to revive a fading “National Healthcare Bill” by renaming it the “Kennedy Heath Care Bill” after his death.

The Democrats, in true Bernie fashion ran his dead body around to garner sympathy votes because he has championed this cause for more than 30 years. Then they returned him to the fridge only to again (today) run him around the room again, this time to support Coakley (because she supports the bill).

Maybe the earthquake in Haiti was from too much voodoo in resurrecting him again for this monumental task.

The Democrats are stupid to think that the Kennedy name is so popular to mask the voters distaste for the “Kennedy Bill” that was already foisted upon the State my Mitt Romney in 2006.

The MA healthcare reform has been in place for 4 years now and who better to gauge what the rest of the country is in for than them.

For instance, individual cost for their plan since 2004 has increased by over 40% and the wait times have increase too. The average wait time for healthcare services are:

Dermatology - 54 day (vs. 50 in 2004)
OB/GYN – 70 days (vs. 45 days in 2004)
Orthopedic Surgery – 40 days (vs. 24 days in 2004)

According to CATO – “

"Massachusetts long ago adopted another feature of the Obama plan: price controls that prohibit insurers from varying premiums based on a purchaser's health status. Those price controls further increase premiums for the young and healthy.

They also eliminate comprehensive health plans. Obama adviser David Cutler found that in Harvard University's price-controlled health insurance exchange, "adverse selection" or the attraction of the sickest patients caused premiums for the most comprehensive plan to rise until insurers eventually canceled it. Those price controls also encourage insurers to avoid the sick. And who can blame them, considering that the government is forcing them to sell a $50,000 policy for just $10,000?

One way insurers can avoid the $50,000 patients is to drop benefits those customers find attractive. Shelby Rogers is a 12-year-old girl with spinal muscular atrophy, whose parents chose an Aetna plan through the price-controlled health insurance exchange for federal workers. Last year, Aetna announced it would drop coverage for Shelby's 12-hour-a-day nurse, who, among other things, helps Shelby avoid bedsores by turning her over at night. An Aetna spokesman explained the reason was to avoid offering a benefit that causes the sickest patients to flock to the plan.

Over time, as mandates eliminate low-cost options and price controls eliminate comprehensive options, both the Massachusetts and Obama reforms will march consumers into a narrow range of health plans.”

Had state officials not done their level best to hide those costs — the individual mandate pushed 60 percent of the cost off-budget, while expanding eligibility for Medicaid pushed another 20 percent onto the federal budget — no one would be hailing Massachusetts as a model.

As it is, Massachusetts has fooled some prominent watchdogs. The Boston Globe editorializes that the cost to the state taxpayer is "about $88 million a year," when the actual cost to state taxpayers is 19 times that amount, and the total cost is 24 times that amount.”

The CBO estimates for the Obama care come in at roughly $1.7 billion cost over the 10 year span. Conservative estimates also portrait the $1.7 as actually 8X’s more cost but looking at the MA plan it will probably mirror the 24X’s factor.

CATO ended their article with this fact:

“Though initially popular, enthusiasm for the Massachusetts reforms may be on the wane. A recent poll found that more Massachusetts voters say the law has made health insurance less affordable (27 percent) than believe it has made coverage more affordable (21 percent). Voters who believe the reforms have been a failure outnumber those who believe the reforms have been a success by 37 percent to 26 percent.”

The stupidity of the Democrats is not contained to the Kennedy effect to help Coakley, but more so in voter (constituent) revenge for their labeling tea party protesters Nazi’s, thugs and right wing extremists. Here is where those constituents will go the road of New Jersey and Virginia and usher out the Obamamaniacs at the local level where the constituents have the power over the elites.

The true measure of stupidity for the Democrats is in the poll results for those “voters” who believe that the MA reforms have been a success vs. failure. These are the same voters that will not remit their vote for the Democrat Coakley.


  1. You did a really fine job here.

    I toally forgot that Mass has their version of ObamaCare eventhough it was instituted by Mitt Romney. I still like Mitt though, so I won't hold it against him.

    I really hope Scott Brown pulls it off. My birthday is Jan 20 and it wpuld be a great gift from God if Brown wins.

  2. Samuel,

    America's Living Room wishes you a happy birthday (albeit an earl wish). I have made the prediction that you will get your wish.

    Like you, I also still like Mitt and view his dalliance with Universal Healthcare in MA as "a business decision" vs. political. Romney started a very large company that benefited from moving individuals in MA off the corporate HC roles onto the State thereby increasing profits.

    This is exactly why Obamacare will quickly force individuals out of their current policies "that they like" because corporations will go the same road as corporations in MA by moving employees off their current plans to the Feds to save this corporate expense.

    Business 101.